EU taxpayer: account under review

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EU taxpayer: account under review

Hi everyone!

I just have to update the EU taxpayer info because they are no longer up-to-date but clicking on the "I need to update" button, opens a window that says that the profile is under review and that it will be possible to update info only when I receive an email that the verification is complete.

Just to emphasize that VAT number has already been updated and verified within 10 mins.


Due to this account review, the payouts were paused and the exhausting two-month communication with the general Airbnb support was absolutely useless because they just do not know how to help and the escalations, which they allegedly initiated, obviously do not reach the dedicated team that deals with the review.


I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and how they solved it?

How can I get in contact with specialised team working on this kind of account review? 


Thanks for any help or advice!



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Hi @Nina403 , have you entered the tax information and the land registry number of your listing according to the new EU DAC7  rules?

You can do it from your account —> taxes —> Manage taxpayer information and Tax documents. You have to delete the existing information and upload the new ones. The European Union had to comunicate these data to the member states by February 29th 2024. After you entered all the information and documents your payouts will be released.

Dear angela, thank you for the answer! 🙂


Yes, the info according to EU rules was already entered before, but there has been a change so now I have to update it.

Unfortunately, there's no option to delete at all, because every click takes me to "add tax info -> I need to update it" and then I get the message that my account has been under review.


It seems that I cannot do anything from my side and Airbnb is ignoring me!

@Nina403, so sorry I can’t help…

Just to be sure, if you click on the details of the taxpayer



then this page comes up with the remove option:




After removing the data you should be able to add new tax info. 
Otherwise there is no option but to wait…

Good luck!

@Angela1056 Unfortunately, for some reason the entered info is hardcoded and when I successfully remove it and then try to re-add it, old info appears again with the same note that my account is under review.