Epic Promotions Failure

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Epic Promotions Failure

Has anyone else had issues with the Promotions tool? I put a promotional discount in place to try to gain a booking for an open weekend in November, but the promotion ended up populating my entire calendar with unauthorized 20% discounts. A guest with whom I had been communicating on another short term rental platform about dates in August sent me a screen shot of the Airbnb listing showing a discount of 20%, putting me in the awkward position of having to explain why there was such a huge discrepancy in price on Airbnb (for August in Maine--my busiest time of year and certainly not a time that I would be offering discounts!). 


I then realized that an instant booking I had received a few days prior for dates in April also reflected the discounted price, resulting in a $350 unauthorized discount . I contacted customer service and was told that the April booking could be cancelled with no impact on my superhost status. I didn't want the booking to be cancelled, but I did expect Airbnb to make up the difference and pay me the $350 that was discounted due to Airbnb's error. I had several back-and-forth conversations and messages with customer service with no resolution and then the case was closed. I reached out to customer service again to find out the status of reimbursing me for the $350 discount and was told that the engineers were working on the problem. It has been nearly four weeks with no updates. 


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Airbnb will useally not compensate for such "due to technical error" discounts.

They offer a penalty-free cancellation.


It is always recommended to check a listing after changes to see if booking results will be as expected. But please keep us updated about the case !

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