Greetings from California

Greetings from California


I live in the Bay Area of California and originally came from South Korea years ago. I just joined AirBnB yesterday. As a fresh beginner, I am looking for a superhost who can share tips and advice on how to list and host my home safely. I like to connect to someone who genuinely desires to help beginners like me.

Here is why I am looking for my new superhost: AirBnB automatically assigned me to my current superhost yesterday. I asked him some questions but he did not answer me. It appears he read my messages. But he has not replied to me yet. I have no clue. So I contacted the service rep of AirBnB, telling me that a superhost is not an employee of AirBnB but a community volunteer. So I asked if I could change my superhost. The service rep suggested I join the AirBnB community and look for someone who can be my superhost.

I would appreciate any tips and advice.


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You can certainly join your local host group and see if there are any superhosts who you could pay to mentor you @Chang107 


Or use the Airbnb Help website which probably will answer about 95% of your questions.


you can also use the search function on this community.


if you can't find answers on Airbnb Help or here them you can post your questions if they relate to Airbnb. 

Hi Helen,


First of all, thank you so much for reaching out to me and providing some helpful tips. I will try them and see how they go.



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Hi @Chang107 ! Welcome to the Community Center🌻!

How are you progressing with your Superhost Ambassador? Have you heard back from them?


If you would like to ask any questions related to Hosting, please feel free to ask them in our Community Center. Our helpful Community of Hosts would really love to connect and help you out.

I am also sharing a link to the Resource Centre and Help Centre that may help with general ideas and several FAQs related to Hosting. 

Keep us posted! 



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