Guest rating and host rating

Guest rating and host rating

Does your rating as a guest on another Airbnb listing affect your rating as a host? Or are they separated? 

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I’m reaching out to some of our amazing Hosts to get their advice on the rating system: @Nash-Cottages-LLC0@Shelley159@Karen114@Guy991 and @Lorina14.





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@Paula Thanks for the mention!


@Ben-And-Maoie0 our understanding is that the ratings are separate. One does not impact the other. 

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@Ben-And-Maoie0  I would like to think not as they are two seperate ratings.  Honestly, Airbnb changes a lot almost on a monthly basis so if I am being honest, I don't know 😑.



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Hi @Ben-And-Maoie0 

It seems there are hosts on this forum who have all their historical host ratings on record and who can re-calculate their hosting average from those ratings (I've also tried, but I can't see more than a year's ratings). If they are correct in saying that they can calculate their hosting average exactly, it implies nothing else affects the host rating and that it's separate from the guest rating. Many of them are also confident that the host rating is a straight-forward average score with no weightings or adjustments.

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I believe they are different as they are different functions. You can click on the profile of any user and see the reviews for guests and the reviews for them as a host. I would guess they are separate but maybe the community managers can look into the policies and let us know? @Bhumika @Paula @Rebecca could you give us insight as we know things are always changing.