Hiring a cleaning crew

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Ashland, KS

Hiring a cleaning crew

After hosting 1 year, I've already had to "fire" 2 cleaning companies. They just don't get into the details like they should. Now I'm on the hunt for a different crew. Any suggestions on how to set up expectations from the beginning?


I've done the check list of places to clean and that was never marked off completely. Considering asking cleaners to take photos after they finish with each room.


The last cleaning crew I had literally skipped over 2 bathrooms. I sent the cleaning crew owner pictures and she said I should've ordered a deep clean because guests were here so long. Never acknowledged that hair was in the shower still! How can I avoid this and trust that my house is getting cleaned between guests when I'm not here to monitor?

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Atlanta, GA

Hello Megan,


My name is Emily Ortiz, owner of Island Kleanerz LLC. We provide immaculate cleaning services. We are available to provide our services at your convenience.

Hello i would like to offer you my cleaning services too quality products responsibly 

Hi I’m sorry to hear that.  My name  is Sha I am located in New York /New jersey area . I am a residential mainly and commercial cleaner. Feel free if you are looking for an effective efficient  job .

Iam a individual cleaner working solo with 4+ years experience looking for customers to get my business off and going am interested in possibilities you may have to help with your property