Hiring a cleaning crew

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Hiring a cleaning crew

After hosting 1 year, I've already had to "fire" 2 cleaning companies. They just don't get into the details like they should. Now I'm on the hunt for a different crew. Any suggestions on how to set up expectations from the beginning?


I've done the check list of places to clean and that was never marked off completely. Considering asking cleaners to take photos after they finish with each room.


The last cleaning crew I had literally skipped over 2 bathrooms. I sent the cleaning crew owner pictures and she said I should've ordered a deep clean because guests were here so long. Never acknowledged that hair was in the shower still! How can I avoid this and trust that my house is getting cleaned between guests when I'm not here to monitor?

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You need a local co-host who can eyeball after each clean.  Failing that, find a direct hire cleaning crew (don't go thru contract cleaning companies) who do bnb's or have worked in the hotel industry, standards are better.   AirTasker is a good place to start (if you have that in TX).  It's not just a standard routine domestic clean you need, it has to be spotless.  You need staff who understand the difference.  But if you or your co-host are not around to do the final check pre guest arrival, then it does leave the door wide open for things getting missed.  


I always do an in-person final check prior to guest arrival, it is invaluable in picking up and rectifying those little details that make all the difference.  There is no short-cut to in-person inspection.


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Ugh. Given Covid thrives in bathrooms, this is especially concerning. We never could find anyone who could and would clean like us. I always wonder how people manage their listings remotely or high they find such great cleaners! Best of luck in your search.

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We're in Austin, Tx and we've had the same problem. Our solution was hiring one individual person we could train. We pay her well. We have checklists for each room that she has to check off. We have the things that must be done after EVERY guests leave and then things that are done on a monthly and quarterly basis. We found this to be successful. We have a 4 bdrm, 2 bath home and we had to install extra washer and dryers in the garage in order to get all the washing done within 10 hours. This is when the house has been used at capacity (sleeps 14 in beds). We strip the entire bed, including mattress covers, shower curtains get washed every time, etc. I'm VERY picky. She sets an alarm to alert her when every wash is done so she can switch it out immediately and move on with cleaning. It's exhausting. We've decided to continue for a full year to see how our profits are. If we're not clearing enough, we'll stop and just rent it as a yearly rental. It is a LOT of work to be done properly and honestly it makes me very weary of others that aren't doing it themselves. I now know first hand how hard it is. Lol! 

14 beds!!!!! Yes that does sound overwhelming. I'm thankful to have a smaller condo (2 bed) so I've been getting longer weeks to month renters who are moving to the area or visiting family. I think that partly ticked off my cleaning lady that I wasn't as regular as I had been pre COVID.


Would you be willing to share your checklist so I can compare to mind and see if I can reword some things to be more clear?

I take it to a laundry mat close by and fill like six washers and then transfer to dryers, total about two hours.  

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@Megan501  How terribly frustrating - I feel for you.  I host remotely in Maine and have fired cleaning people and caretakers.  Finally put an ad in the local paper looking for a new member for our Airbnb TEAM and interviewed a dozen people.  I found someone with hotel, inn, b&b, and vacation rental experience.  One or more of those things is essential, as @Sharon1014 said.  Setting that TEAM expectation is important IMO because so many cleaners work alone and forget they really are part of a team.  If they have hospitality industry experience they're more conditioned to think that way.  Which means they're more conditioned to do as they're asked and work to meet your expectations.  It helps if they're OCD - no joke, if they're super worried about leaving one tiny thing out of order, you'll be happier.

I like emphasizing the TEAM mentality. I'll reword! Thank you!

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@Megan501 we have a cleaner who does a fairly thorough job but we go after her each time and do (on average) another hour of cleaning, dusting and disinfecting. I have cleaners in my primary house who would not pass muster for Airbnb guests and they are some of the best I have found in the local area. I would say to expect to have to go after each clean and look at the results. We change name boards, leave snacks and a note for guests so we make the trip after each check out anyway. If you can't do it yourself, getting someone you trust in the area is hugely helpful.


I would also walk through what you expect with each new cleaner and show them the COVID checklist.  I have actually had services say they refuse to comply/couldn't comply because its cost prohibitive to do what Airbnb advises. You are likely better off with an individual than a large franchise. Best of luck!

Not the news I wanted but appreciate your honesty! No one will care about your business as much as you do seems to be a theme I keep running into with Airbnb and my own marketing business. But totally agree a small business is the way to go!

Hello my name is Laura dutton. I would be very interested in talking to u regarding ur problem with finding a cleaning crew. I used to own my own cleaning biz along time ago. My main builder I worked for was a custom home builder called standard Pacific homes.  They had 11 subdivision where I would clean their models specs and construction trailers. I still clean a handful of houses for some friends and family members now but really wanting to get back out into the biz world.  I helped a friend for a couple months clean for an airbnb in ft worth when she needed help but I would like to get something on a more steady basis.  You can  email me at ldutton5002@gmail.com if ur still looking or Interested in talking.  Hoping to hear from you   thanks Laura dutton 


Good evening @Megan501 , are you still looking for a cleaning crew?

Good afternoon I can help with your cleaning I currently help three hostal and so far no complaints 

Hello, my name is Alizé, but you can call me Ali. I started my cleaning business in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since jobs were scarce, I decided to start cleaning to provide for my family. I found it therapeutic and satisfying to help others maintain a clean and safe space. Although my business is not an LLC yet, I focus on providing quality work at a fair price. While my competitors may offer lower prices, I take pride in what I do and strive to make my clients as happy as possible without cutting any corners.


Even though I've been in business for a few years now, I am still working on building my clientele to expand my business. I offer various cleaning services, including post-construction, move in/out, touch-up, maintenance, Airbnb, residential and commercial cleaning. I provide all my equipment and supplies, but if you prefer something specific, just let me know, and I will get it for you. I can also help with errands and provide laundry services. I always provide references upon request and will let you know the exact time and day I will arrive. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to working with you.

Hello Alize26,

My profile shows IL, but I own 2 airbnb apartments in the Houston area. If you clean in the Houston area, please email me at **




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