How do you guys get fully booked?

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Quezon City, Philippines

How do you guys get fully booked?

Is there any way to attract people to book without using other platforms (i.e., Meta ads)?

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Hey there @Nicole-Kates0


We've got a great group of Hosts and I'll tag a few into this thread who might be able to pop by. 


@Eileen462 and @Laurelle3 - could you offer @Nicole-Kates0  some constructive advice and support?


I also found these great steps that might help make your listing more competitive

If you have the time, you could always post in the other boards which are very insightful! 

 Ask about your listing - You can ask other Hosts to critique your listing, you could be pleasantly surprised at what other people see!

 Advice on your space - This is great for general questions about your space specifically, for example, the amenities that you have at the property to what types of sheets that you use.


I hope this helps. 



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