I rent out my home every weekend; can I deduct the rental of a second home on my taxes?

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I rent out my home every weekend; can I deduct the rental of a second home on my taxes?

Hi! I have been hosting for 9 years and my home has gotten popular enough that it is rented out most weekends. Since we need somewhere to stay, we now rent a small second home for when we are out. On my taxes, am I allowed to deduct any portion of the rent of the second  home since it is a necessary expense (either paying for rent or staying in a hotel while my home is being rented)? 

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@Jennifer1037 I doubt it. If you were in the UK it would be a definite NO. Effectively you would be tax deducting your holidays. 

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the difference is that I am not taking a vacation--I am essentially without a home during my rentals and need somewhere to sleep. Do you think that makes a difference? 

@Jennifer1037 No I don't. Another situation would be where you live in a rented house and then buy a place to Airbnb. You wouldn't be allowed to deduct your rent against the Airbnb profits.

Thanks! That's helpful

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@Jennifer1037 I would think it is a business expense - check with accountant for sure!  


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@Jennifer1037  You need to talk to your accountant for clarification.  It is my view that this would not be a deduction.

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