Recommendations for property management companies in lakes region, Laconia, NH

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Recommendations for property management companies in lakes region, Laconia, NH

As a newcomer to this field, I initially believed I could handle everything on my own, but I quickly realized the tasks were becoming too much to manage. So, I've decided to talk to a vacation rental management company at least for the first year. Unfortunately, my experience with Vacasa has been less than satisfactory. Despite my efforts to initiate progress, their response has been lackluster. The lack of communication and necessary follow-ups on my part leaves me concerned about their potential management of my property and guest relations. After two months of back-and-forth someone came to the property to take a look following numerous prompts, I'm still waiting for the initial documentation from them.

I'm left wondering if this is standard practice in the industry or if the current market conditions, possibly influenced by a short-term rental downturn, are contributing to this inertia.

I would greatly appreciate insights or recommendations from anyone with experience in dealing with such companies. Any resources or guidance would be invaluable as I find myself in a state of limbo, uncertain of what I'm even waiting for.

In the meantime, I've attempted to draft a preliminary version of my listing. I'm aware that professional photos and a detailed description are pending.

Here is my preliminary listing. I welcome any feedback or suggestions. Does it present itself as a viable rental option?


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Hi Sailaja! I recommend The Sumwalt Group. You can find them on Google or I can send you their info directly if you DM me. Hope this helps!

Thank you, @Brian408 .  Do you happen to have experience with them? They are not local to this area, so I am assuming they operate remotely. 

Yes I do @Sailaja0  - if you DM I'm happy to give you my number and hop on a call if that helps!

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What makes you recommend this company you don't seem to use them yourself @Brian408 

I actually am the owner of the company - we are a small team so every one of our clients get our personal attention. I didn’t post our website outright as I didn’t want to come across as spamming, which is why I offered to have a conversation. Not sure why you decided to come at me so hot but hopefully that answers your question 😊

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Hello @Sailaja0 


Large scale management companies as you have found don't always provide a great service.


I would suggest the best way to find someone to help you manage your listing is to post on your local host group (normally on FB) and ask for recommendations for local co-hosts who are superhosts and are based locally. They are more likely to understand local regulations and have access to local cleaners and tradespeople.


Many who offer their services on this international community have no experience as cohost, in fact have no experience as a host even, or are based some distance away - defeating the object of having local cohosts.



Hi @Sailaja0 

I agree with @Helen3 ....


My suggestion is to find an experienced Co-Host instead of a vacation rental company/property manager. Most property managers (like Vacasa & Evolve) require the property be listed with them as Host. If you decide to terminate your agreement, all reviews go to the property manager; not you the owner. 


Of course, every owner will have to decide for themselves what will work best for them.