The City Of Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg, FL

The City Of Saint Petersburg

The city is forcing me to stop, I’ve been reading that the state of Florida is making advances in allowing short term rentals, does anyone know more about this?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

They aren't stories @Tonga3 There  has been STR legislation in your city for some time.


You need to visit the STR page on your local government website to understand how these regulation may affect your property and whether your area is affected by the restrictions

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Apollo Beach, FL

Someone named Laura *** has reported over 50 airbnbs in st pete at least since this summer including mine. Not sure how she gets the address and how fair this is as no beighbour have ever complained and we keep our house clean and neat and the lawn well taking care of . Now I can only 30 days minimum. Will love to hear how everyone else that received the notice have approach this.


**[Name hidden - Community Center Guidelines]

I had to cease operating, you can’t fight City hall and i cant hide The more than three reviews in a month. Had to put it up for long term rental, cost me roughly 4k a month in missed revenue,  shed a real whipper snapper.


 Had to fire my cleaners. 

Did you have a picture of the front of your house on airbnb?


 It’s insane the city just takes her word for it and i had to cancel over a year of bookings.

I believe she is with Alto Asset Company 2 LLC that owns 25 LTR's in Pinellas county, so makes sense as to why her/they would be doing this. 

And why is that? She isn’t competing with STRs. How does shutting them down help her?

A $10 background check fives you a cell phone number. I called my supposed “reporter” today and he just did NOT! Someone used his name and address to make a fake email and THEN Repoet at least 4 reports maybe 12. They use SeeClickFix and are stopping their own posts right away by flagging them as inappropriate. So the owner doesn’t know. If you are repeated dig deeper. If the person whose name they have didn’t make the report - they’re simple IS NO CASE. 

I literally hadn’t been running long enough to even have broken the law. I want an investigation. 

Yes I wondered about that too

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St. Petersburg, FL

The new  bill signed on by DeSantis eliminates local or county restrictions on STR unless they are considered grandfathered in if they were enacted before 2011. Anybody know when St Pete started these restrictions?



Great question would love to hear the answer.