The City Of Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg, FL

The City Of Saint Petersburg

The city is forcing me to stop, I’ve been reading that the state of Florida is making advances in allowing short term rentals, does anyone know more about this?

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I am in the sampe pickle, three weeks ago, got the same letter.  I had to stop short term, and modified my advertisment to 120 days.  The code is specfic, I can rent my rooms out, but not more than three times a year.  So that is 120 days.... They do allow monthly rent, but my understanding according to the code, you can only do that three to four times a year.  I talked to the code guy myself, and he closed my case.  I am in a cooling off period.... and then after a while I will advertise on a monthly bases only.  

 It was my neighbors I think. The city started nitpicking every piece of my property, I got a notice that my driveway needed an apron, they said that’s the kind of work you need a permit for, and then they said, too bad it’s so hard to get a permit these days, it’ll cost you $100 a day and tell you figure that out but stop doing Airbnb and will forget about it. It went like that

Can you please share the exact language you used in your advertisement?

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Saint Petersburg, FL

I co-hosting the owner was approached yesterday by A city employee and basically shut her down in July.  I would love to have an idea of how to get going again.   This was my main source of income.   Now I'm starting over again.  Said that a homeowner has no rights!

I'm afraid to start again the city made it clear the can make my life Miserable and charge me $100 a day for it. It was 2/3 of my income and now I’m selling my house

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It is a simple fix.

first, go on your advertisment on Airbnb.  

next add this line in.

Recommended stay of thirty days or more.


that is it.  You are in compliance with code.  It is not your fault that someone wants to stay a day or so since you advertise for 30 days or more.  Put this advertisment at the bottom of the rest of your information...that way, your guest won't read it...usually they will read half of what you write, and then click.....


Another thing.....the people responsible for dinging you with code issues are not your neighbors.  They are the local hotel and motel owners.  They don't like Airbnb because it takes away from their business.   The last ding I got was last month, and the one before that was a  year ago.  If you recall, the month of March and April is unusually busy...well that will be when you get dinged.  I am on first name bases with the code inforcement people of Saint Petersburg, and this is how it is run.  


I did have one shed in my back yard I had to tear down, no permit for that ...and it was older then me.

I also got dinged for another permit issue for the area porch that was closed in before I bought the house and got that Grandfathered in by my Neighbor accross the street that has been here since 1996. 


My last ding as I mentioned was so full of lies, it said we occupide all the spaces in front of the street and we had more then nine boarders at a time, and loud obsene noises all hours of the night and we where huligans.  We live here and intend to live here.  All you have to do is be clever and advertise correctly and you should have no problems.  If you want, you can call me, and I will take a look at your advertisment and I could make some suggestions as to how to help you.   727-481-6210

Good for you. We just got the Titusville FL Code Enforcement Board in our favor yesterday. Story in Florida today, News 13 and News 6. We should be OK as they cannot change the law. I took into consideration adding the extra line. Thank you.

John, is this still a usable workaround?

I checked your Airbnb listing and was hoping to find out that you're still in code doing what you mentioned above based on what your description says in your listing.


Thank you!

Hi Ben, 


I wanted to see how you have managed to continue with your airbnb within the St Pete city limits? The link above is no longer working. Do you know of anyone who has successfully obtained the transient housing permit?




anyone know if unincorporated has to follow tye same rules as St Pete?

You are good to are not under any city...BS.

Is any one who can help me , I have to stop doing the Air bnb in my house in St. Petersburg,the city said I’m not allowed to do it. Any other way , I invest a lot a mine to do Air bnb, now everything is lost , I have no income to cover what I spend,and credit cards to pay , please any one who can help me. Thank you.

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