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    Hi guys, I completed my account on the dedicated spaces for co-host on Airbnb. It’s still unlisted. Have you got advices on how to propose to host ? In Italy, next to my town I can also go for check/in and online for managing listings etc.I have been on ... Latest reply by Chloe463
    Hello fellow Hosts, I have a question that you might have the answer to. What if I wanted to "advertise" a car rental business close to my listing? Would it be "safe" (not get banned or something) if I used a message saying: "In case you'll need to rent a... Latest reply by Karen4131
    Hello!For the past few months, I have noticed a dramatic drop in the bookings of my apartment in in Cape Town (South Africa), despite being Superhost and 5 star for 2 consecutive years.The other major booking platform has completely taken over. U used to ... Latest reply by Soline9
    You may have seen just last week in the press, the conviction in London, UK of an airbnb guest who raped a host in Croydon, on her very first hosting experience. This combined with other press reports of deaths of airbnb guests in fires, Carbon Monoxide ... Latest reply by Alex1485
    Hi there, I recently got a condo for air bnb in Miami and the city have told me I need a building permit, certificate of occupancy and certificate of use in order to publish on air bnb. has anyone had to go through this? Or is there a simpler way to doing... Latest reply by Rebecca