AIRBNB Mobile Application CAN'T LOGIN

Jakarta, Indonesia
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Hi Airbnb. i have a problem with "AIRBNB Mobile Application LOGIN"


this is my problem:

firstly i using AIRBNB through the WEBISTE DESKTOP. and its work without exception.
but after months later, i think i must use AIRBNB using mobile application, and i download & install the application in my phone (aandroid), after that, i'll try to login, and is not success, every i touch the login button, popup error message said "Login Error unable to perform action, please try again through the website or contact support if you need immadiate assistance".


after this problem, i'm try to any solutions like:
1. uninstall & re-install the application
2.log out my ID in website dekstop AIRBNB
3.clear cahce & history


but its still not work, AFTER THAT, i try to create new Account pure using AIRBNB Mobile Apps for TESTING. and oh my god, its SUCCESS LOGIN using MY NEW ACCOUNT FOR TESTING ONLY.

after that, i think my old and real account is have a problem technical???? maybe??? can you help me to solved my problem Airbnb.



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Re: AIRBNB Mobile Application CAN'T LOGIN

Limerick, Ireland
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Hello @Willy29,


You'll have to contact Airbnb support to discuss your problem.

This site is a forum where Airbnb members help each other with advice from their own experience. Members here don't have access to the accounts of other members.


Click on "Help", then on "Visit the Help Centre" and then on the "Contact us" button near the end of the page. That should show phone number and message links for them.


You can also type "contact airbnb" in the "Search the community" box on these forum pages where you posted your question. Scroll down a bit in the list of suggestions that appears and click on the "Contact Airbnb: A Community Help Guide[UPDATED]" one. That has phone numbers and information on how to contact them via Twitter or Facebook.



Re: AIRBNB Mobile Application CAN'T LOGIN

Jakarta, Indonesia
Level 1

Hi Steve, i'm very thanks about your sugest. about my problem, im happy now, because it solved!  i will tell you how can i solved this problem.


1.i create this post on airbnb community, for hope another else can help me with they experience

2.steve come and tell me that this is technical problem, steve tell me to contact airbnb support. (with steve steps and sugest), and sure, im follow steve to contact airbnb support team.

3.i tell airbnb support team about my problem, and they said my account have a issue with system security check, and they system detected unusual activity ex: an attemp to login from a new computer.

4.yap, i'm just waiting about 1 hour to airbnb support team solved my problem.

5.finally my account can LOGIN INTO AIRBNB MOBILE APPS.


i hope my problem can be useful for another people that have same problem with me.



Re: AIRBNB Mobile Application CAN'T LOGIN

Auckland, New Zealand
Level 2

Steve you Irish are always one for a crack aren't you.  Contact AirBnB for support!  Awesome joke buddy.  I have had the exact same problem.  Contacted them for support only after figuring out how by using teh instructions on the AirBnBHell website.  They responded with: not our problem, take your device to a service center.  Super helpful.  Wouldn't give one piece of technical support.  Truth is, IMHO, they don't give a **bleep**.

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