Should I upgrade to a Queen size bed?

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I had two back to back hosts in Florida list their beds as Queen, and when we slept on them, they turned out to be full sized beds.  We took pictures of the tag on the bed in one case, and of a tape measure we bought in order to check the bed size.  We sent copies to airbnb to prove that the beds, still pictured in the listing's photos, and the beds, we slept on thinking they were queen sized, where the same beds, both of them full sized.


See the beds advertised here


and here


Airbnb has refused to require the hosts to list their beds as queen beds.  I've been on the phone and messaging airbnb about it since It first happened in mid January.  Even though airbnb states in their terms of service that no one is allowed to use their platform to provide "Content that is fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive"  they told me that full vs queen is just a matter of personal preference, what one person likes doesn't fit another person.  


I've kept all the emails and I need someone, anyone at airbnb to require hosts who have full sized beds to list their beds as full sized.  Any help would be appreciated.


Although I travel extensively in the US and Japan, I have quit using airbnb when ever I am traveling with another person, because I no longer trust that listings will be as advertised.


sergio's full bed tag.JPGsergio's full bed tag.JPG

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