"Request payment for extra services"

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I have to "Request payment for extra services"because my current guest is adding 2 more people to the reservationbut I can't find the current reservation.

Thank you

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Re: "Request payment for extra services"

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Hi @Vera6


I´m Sergio and I look after this Online Spanish speaking Community Center here. It´s great to see your post here. I just wanted to check as you have been writing in English, most the host here speak in Spanish and you may have more luck with your question if you write in spanish. For your reference here is the link to the English Community. Or maybe you can write in Spanish. It´s in your hand to decide which way is better for you.


Thanks, and I hope that was useful.





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Re: "Request payment for extra services"

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@Vera6 Hello.

You must make a reservation modification adding more guests, and  they must accept it. They aren´t extra expenses they are  more people.

Have a nice day.

Regads MAyka

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