August 2019 Host Newsletter

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August 2019 Host Newsletter

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Hello everyone,


I hope you've had a fantastic August. Here is the latest newsletter:


August 2019 Host News


Highlights include:


  • Make the most of Airbnb’s pre-booking message feature

Airbnb is introducing a simplified way for hosts to ask questions before guests book instantly. You’ll now have one place to set your greeting and ask guests questions. View here.


  • Five simple tips for creating a space guests love

Hosts share their expert advice on creating an Airbnb-ready space that will help your guests enjoy a great stay and help you attract more bookings. View here.


  • Market your listing like a pro

Every space has a story, and telling yours can be a powerful way to get your listing in front of millions of potential guests. Hosts Tereasa and David have turned their space, Camp Wandawega, into a media-generating machine. Hear their practical tips for turning your listing into your own mini-brand. View here.


  • Two hosts bring much needed diversity to the hospitality industry

Homage Hospitality created The Moor, a hyperlocal boutique hotel where everyone can bring their full identity and feel welcome. Watch the video to learn more about the journey of these two hospitality entrepreneurs. View here.


  • Share your space for good

It’s impossible to predict when disasters like a hurricane will happen, but we can be prepared for them when they do strike. Join a community of generous hosts by offering your extra space for free to those in need of temporary housing. View here.


  • From one room to a property management company

Entrepreneurs Diego and Mariana Del Paso began hosting as a way to earn extra income while Diego was looking for work as a chef. See how they were able to turn hosting a single room in their home into a thriving property management company. View here.


  • What hosts are talking about

Every day in the Community Center, hosts share hospitality tips, answer each other’s questions, and swap stories. Here are some recent conversations you might want to join: When is the busiest season in your area? What are the most interesting jobs your guests have had?




Enjoy the last few day of the month and if you have any feedback feel free to share it below.






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I have researched on it, thanks for your information driving directions

Level 2
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Especially this helps in understanding the guest 's budget and in being able to make the necessary discount..

Level 2
Bidhannagar, India

The pre-booking message feature has tremendously helped me answer all the queries the guest may have before booking the place.. It has ensured that the guest is total tension free before he arrives. 

It has really helped a lot of first time Bookers too! 

Thanks guys. 

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