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    Hello everyone, February has come and pretty much gone in a blink of an eye, but before we move into March, here is the latest edition of the host newsletter: February Host News (Click to view) Highlights: Decluttering made easy: Hosts share t... Latest reply by Sarah3375
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to a great new year, I hope you have had a good start to 2020. Here is the first edition of 2020: January 2020 Host News Highlights: In Case You Missed It: Another review update and more We heard your feedback on our ... Latest reply by Patricia148
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    Hello everyone, I hope you November has gone well. Here is the latest edition of the Host Newsletter: November 2019 Host News Highlights: Airbnb: Now in 31 new languages Our mission is to create a world where you can belong anywhere. That’s why... Latest reply by Jane3282
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    Hello everyone, Here is the latest edition of the Host Newsletter. October 2019 Host News Highlights: Make the most of the festive season The holidays are just around the corner. Are you maximizing one of the year’s busiest booking seasons? He... Latest reply by Lera17
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    Hello everyone, I hope your September has gone well and if you are coming out of a busy peak season, you are finding some time to relax. Here is the latest version of the Host Newsletter: September 2019 Host News Highlights include: Is Insta... Latest reply by Bon610
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    Hello everyone, I hope you've had a fantastic August. Here is the latest newsletter: August 2019 Host News Highlights include: Make the most of Airbnb’s pre-booking message feature Airbnb is introducing a simplified way for hosts to ask quest... Latest reply by Lera17
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    Hello everyone, The July Host Newsletter has just been sent out and so I am also pleased to share it with you here in the CC: July 2019 Host News (click here) Highlights include: The best way to welcome international guests Hosts share tips on... Latest reply by Lera17
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    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great June. The sun is out here in London as we start to wide down to the end of the month. I'm pleased to share with you the latest edition of Host News: June 2019 Host News (click to view) Highligh... Latest reply by Bon610
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    Hello everyone, There are some popular topics covered in the May edition of Host News, here it is: May 2019 Host News (click to view) Hightlights include: Your top hosting questions, answered Location ratings, hosting fees, and guest profile ph... Latest reply by Lera17
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    Hello everyone, I hope your April has been a great month for you all. Here is the next edition of Host News: April 2019 Host News (click to view) Hightlights include: Check out Airbnb Updates There’s a new blog for hosts within the Community Ce... Latest reply by Lera17
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