Make instant book more flexible by being able to specify dates for which it can be used

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Customising the availability of Instant Book would allow a lot of hosts to take more advantage of this feature


Response from Airbnb


Thank you for your feedback on Instant Book. Your specific suggestion to limit Instant Book to certain calendar dates isn’t in our plans yet, but we’re always experimenting with new options to help hosts better manage their listings. We’re currently exploring some new features that may help provide more flexibility around managing your booking calendar, but we’re not ready to roll anything out quite yet. We’ll keep you updated as we continue looking into how to make calendar management more user friendly for hosts.


In the meantime, this article provides some information on which settings you can adjust to help you control the reservations you get through Instant Book.


Thanks for helping us build with hosts in mind and for your patience as we balance these ideas with other improvements we’re making to Airbnb.


Status changed to: Under Consideration
Level 2

Yes please! Surely AirBnB can work out a way for hosts to select certain dates for instant book and certain dates for enquiries only.


Zaragoza, Spain
Level 1

I feel the same. 

Would be great to have a calendar more flexible. 

For example: on day 4th i am not able to check-in, but if someone wants to stay from 2nd to 5th day will be ok for me because on 2nd i am able to check-in the guest.

With actual options i can only fix this situation avoiding instant booking in all dates availables, and this is not the best affordable option. We need to optimize this calendar as a tool.

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