New Cancellation policy will cause owner exodus from airbnb

Status changed to: New

Because there has been no sufficient response from airbnb corporate I have begun to refer any air bnb guests  wishing to book my property to a competitor where the property owner still has the right to "strict cancellation" and not subject to their property being tied up whilst the guest shops and cancels at the last minute.

Airbnb gets the vast amount of their revenue from GUESTS NOT from OWNERS so if Owners begin taking their inventory elsewhere--So jump on board! Remember, If airbnb does not have apples its apple cart to sell biz

I believe their competitors are very exciteda bout claiming some of their formibable market share of owners for their inventory. Some charge hosts, but its samll compared to potential losses from property being tied up with no uultimate fee gnerated.

I'm sure airbnb will turn this silly rule around as their bookings drop off and they see the share prices of particular competitors grow. What genuis came up with this idea! They must think hosts are dumb.

Fredericksburg, VA
Level 10

A "genius" that sits in a cubicle with no clue about how it works in the real world. 


New York, NY
Level 8

Airbnb must have people with little or no experience as hosts or guests making these decisions. 


If their own history serves as a lesson, then they will only go "above and beyond" with their policy changes regarding this issue only after **** has hit the fan.


Seems any host who has been doing it long enough feels the same way, airbnb is not interested in fixing something we all keep telling it is broken.

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