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Linda 9 hours ago

Is there a section where people can offer services for rental management, housekeeping or cleaning for hosts that don't have time to take care of it themselves? I would need that to become a host. There does not seem to be any way to contact the AIRBNB organization itself to get that kind of info.

Barbara 18 hours ago

Because of the policy of new hosts having a $100 minimum booking, I have referred several hosts but never received a bonus. I live in a city where rents are reasonable therefore I will never receive a bonus for my host referrals. Airbnb policy therefore is discriminatory. The rich hosts get richer while the poor hosts lose out on bonuses. Is this t

Queen Sheba 21 hours ago

Greetings! I am Queen a Super Host in Baltimore, MD. The DMV area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) is still on the rise for air bnb support and we do not have any experiences on air bnb or communities. I started a meet up page for host and newbies to come and share ideas and get tips from experiences other host have had. 


I think it would be a great ide

Christine yesterday

Hi, we have a house in Crete which we have been hosting for just over a year.  We have many guest's that stay from 2-5 nights (as well as those who book for longer periods of time) as they are touring the Island and some book once they have arrived and are staying in another area on the Island.


We feel that it would be a good idea to have a flexabi


I downloaded the App to manage my calendar while I was away from home. I blocked some dates using the app. This however did not prevent to book automatically on the dates I had blocked. I had to contact the guests and apologise for having the cancel the booking trying to explain. If that was not bad enough I now got a big, bad red mark for cancelin

Paul Saturday

Airbnb you need to have a focus group to improve the app. I see blogs w lots of feedback of hosts that have same problems. One key problem is you cannot get to Manage Listing anywhere on the app. Putting your listing on Snooze or taking off Snooze should be easy and should have a button on the listing bottom right next to 

Francisca Friday

Currently, monthly earnings are calculated and shown when the money hits the bank, which is fine if the duration of your guests' stay is containted to the current month (i.e. someone checks in on April 3, checks out April 10, all the earnings being attributed to April earnings make sense).


However, a lot of guests check in at the end of a month, an

Merlin Thursday

In the image below, you see two very different versions of the guidebook.


On the left, the host version of the guidebook when editing. It is colorful, categorized, friendly to use.


On the right, the guest version when viewing. It is a grey blob of information.


Please make the guest version look as good as the host version.


Comparing Guidebooks of Host and Guest


According to AirBnB supp

Kaela And Chris a week ago

One consistent issue we face as hosts are guests who check-out late and claim they didn't know what time check-out was and we have to kindly kick them out. We do manually communicate that info but an automated message sent to the guests the night before check-out reminding them of the check-out time would be immensely helpful.


It would educate the

Kaela And Chris a week ago

It would be very helpful to have a page on the AirBnB Host Website where you can preview what the entire booking and stay experience is like for guests. Currently I have to book something myself to see the communication Airbnb sends guests and the exact reservation process guests go through. I would like to be able to quickly refer to this page whe

Stelios a week ago

I have created two listings, one for my house and another for my wife's house. Now we want to change the owner of the second listing, which is impossible to do. It is important for us because we want to have separated reviews as two different hosts.

Now I have set my wife's account as a host (of the second listing) but this isn't solution since all

Cameron & Bianca a week ago


has anybody received messages that say they are a translated voice message? 

received 2 today and wondered why and if its a new feature and if it can be turned off!

Cathy a week ago

Hi Host fellows

Dis you encouted this?

when I post my listing, airbnb suggest that 15% off for 1st time booking for the room , I pressed YES when posted the listing. Tonight a guest booked that room with 15% off price. then 2 minutes later another guest complained that he planned to book that room at that price (15% off), but final price showed is hi

Traci 2 weeks ago

We have three listings (our entire house and then each of the two units that make up that house). It would be great if we could show those three options on each of our listing pages. Currently, we include this text: "Visit our profile page to see all three listings:" which doesn't promote our other listings terrib

Julian 2 weeks ago

Dear team, 

My name is Julian. I am a host nearly 2 years.

When I compare 2016 bookings with 2017 booking I notice that during the 2017 I have less booking and the price per night is less than 2016.

I improved a lot my studio, new furniture, new photos but this doesn help me to increase my bookings and price.

I think one of the reason is that when cost

Nev 2 weeks ago

If a guest cancels their reservation day of check-in, after check-in hours without ever staying, AirBnB allows them to review the host/listing.  This seems very counter intuitive...and in reality it is.  If a guest does NOT stay, cancels their reservation without any notification to the host or co-host or even to AirBnB....what gives this guest the

Marissa 2 weeks ago

What criteria does a city have to meet to be listed on Air B&B Experience listing? New Orleans hosts would like a section as an eventful city that attracts Air BnB users to local multicultural, group and family tourism experiences.  


Please Advise



~Moe Joe

The Moe Joe Gallery

"Home of Bounce Fitness w/Moe Joe

[Personal information hidden] 


Yana 2 weeks ago

Dear admins,


When are you creating your profile you can add: What languages can you speak fluently? We have many international travellers who appreciate hosts who can speak their language.


I am from Slovakia and would like to know why my language is not listed there. Even though, Slovak version of Airbnb website is existing. Currently not living in

Jan 2 weeks ago

I really think the house rules section should be changed to Terms and Conditions and written something along the lines of ‘The Terms and Conditions for booking Jan’s listing, or listing title are’.  It sounds more professional and is less patronising; I feel guests might take ‘terms and conditions’ more seriously than a set of ‘house rules’. 


Yves 2 weeks ago

Airbnb has an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: contribute to hosting development and fight against people ignorance.

I will take a concrete example in France and more specifically in the famous Burgundy region. This region includes four different departments: Yonne, Côte d’Or, Nièvre and Saône et Loire.

Airbnb search engine currently wor

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