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Miriam 16 hours ago

Should airnb have "some rules" about how they should behave in general in the house?

I mean... one of my guest left a very dirty house. Not just the normal "chaos" of a used house... They smoked cigarettes and threw them on the floor of the garden despite a big ashtray... they did not clean the toilet, that was really dirty (imagine yourself how), l

Lily yesterday

I quite like the 2 ways review rating on Air B&B. But there is little business here. My booking from is quite good, many many more booking and much better price.


I hear people walk away from Air B&B because this site showing misleading price when we are searching rooms. People only care about final price, which Air B&B cannot provide. T

Ron yesterday

I have been researching this issue for about a month now. 
I use a CPAP machine, I once checked into a place that I thought might have been smoked in, but wasn't positive. I thought I could smell just a hint of smoke, but it was not stong enough for me to be certain. The next day, the air coming from my CPAP smelled like a bingo hall. It was aweful.

Robert And Nancy yesterday


Every posting that has been written about this subject I have voted thumbs-up on. I disliked the order that the reviews are now.  As a host, it is nice to have the last review to read.  It helps guests determine how often guests are staying at a particular place.  Since we sometimes have long term guests our last review is months old.  Now tha

Samuel Sunday

Please use a few minutes to finish the questions ,thanks a lot.
5 smart watches are provided as prizes for total 200 participants on the end of August. You must leave your correct email for drawing prize.
What is the biggest concerns to operate B&B as a host?
1 smart lock system
2 smart CCTV system
3 easy cleaning support APP
4 multi- booking and payment

Tess Sunday


i have been receiving enquiries from guests via SMS messages on my phone but when I check my email and my listing page on Airbnb there is no record of any enquiry. I cannot therefore respond or accept the guest.

This has happened on four occasions in the last few weeks and I have had no new bookings in that time. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Helga Sunday

As a host, I use mostly mobile apps, the computer only if a feature is not there. Guests already traveling use it nearly exclusively. 

Some features of the profile are not good enough on the app: 

the reviews have no links to the host profiles, so you can't crosscheck, what the guest wrote about the host and you can't see which listing he booked. If

José Renato Sunday



Being I a host and guest, I would like also to suggest that Airbnb changes an important detail in its search map presentation.


Please, see the attached picture to this post to understand visually what I mean.


Airbnb MAP on the right of the search results induces the potential guest to see the wrong location.

Airbnb does not show the exact location

José Renato Saturday

try.jpgPlease, understand it is a constructive suggestion!

Please, display Pictures + TXT Information in Airbnb search results.

I think Airbnb should present not only picture and titles.. but also the TXT Information about the place in the search results. It would give people more info before clicking the link to explore some listing.
It is not everyone that

Joey And David Saturday

We have a minimum 2 day booking policy except for Tuesdays - at present I have to add a separate requirement for every single Tuesday throughout the year!! I would love it if when I click on a Tuesday in the calendar there was a minimum night option in that box that pops up on the right (start/end date box etc). It would save me a huge amount of ha

Fiona Saturday

Please can we change the US date format to being the way the REST of the world works.  


What I would find useful is to be able to block a date for check in only. What seems to happen at present is if I've blocked of a day, maybe I'm visiting my mum, anybody searching on a range that includes that day, I won't appear as available 

Steve Friday

Can you add a world map where a host can pin where each guest comes from? Clicking on the pin would provide entry boxes for entering information - name, town, date(s) of stay. Hovering over the pin would then reveal that info. Pins of many different colors would make it colorful.

Merlin Thursday

AirBnB recently announced (link below) that you can add photos to provide instructions for self check in


However this is only for self check in. I cannot do self check in but I would still like to be able to do this so they can see what door to arrive at. It would also be useful if I need to point them to an alternate door.

Kerem a week ago

I have more than 10 listings in airbnb, and I have a suggestion for reviews.


Guests can only see the reviews before they book, I think airbnb must show the latest reviews with points and with details. (Cleaning, Location etc.)


For instance, cleaning matters more for someone rather than location. 

Renee a week ago

I don't readily see calculations performed (monthly/yearly) for fees paid to Airbnb for each reservation. As this is a write-off feature [both federally (tax year) and locally (fiscal year)], it would be most helpful to have this line item automatically calculated for hosts.

Piero a week ago

I have some concerns on the kids-for free policy. Here my major concerns:

  • Kids between 0 to 2 y/o free: hosts should be able to choose whether kids are hosted free, it should not imposed by Airbnb. In general kids require more cleaning work, mopre attention, etc.
  • There should be an area for extra services that the host provides to kids between 0 to 2
John a week ago

I have just found out today that Instant Book (going forward IB) is a DEFAULT search parameter

for potential guests.  The only reason I found this out is that in the last 60 days or so my viewings

and reservation requests have completely dropped to ZERO.  The person searching for a place to

stay has to turn IB off to see ALL LISTINGS otherwise they wi

Johnno a week ago

AirBNB has partnered with lockstate for an integrated lock solution - which is great. But do they have any plans to pursue more automation? I'm interested for a few reasons:


The current locks selection available is a bit on the expensive side. I find it hard to justify $400+ on a smart lock when I could be gearing up my whole place for that price.


Margaret 2 weeks ago

I am a new host on Airbnb letting whole property and guests will have keys. Already had my first enquiry from a potential guest who joined June 2017 but her only ID was an email address. She gave me two possible dates in September for a 7 night stay and asked the cost. She obviously had not looked at the calendar as the price was there to see. I sa

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