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Diane yesterday

The rating system is unfair and causes undue stress for hosts. Stars remind the guests of hotel ratings and often they dont give a 5 star rating if it is not the Ritz. This needs to be changed.  This article is excellent. Also make communication to request help and support available with short wait times for ALL hosts not just Superhosts. This is f

Annie yesterday


I've been a host for only 2 months through Airbnb. The site overall is very deficient for hosts. My place is in Miami, Florida which is undergoing an Airbnb meltdown between hosts and established residential areas. So much so, that the Mayor wants to block off completely any rentals done in ALL of Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties "residential cod

Diane Tuesday

This is actually two subjects that are related: 


I have two Air BnBs and as of now am not happy and do not feel supported by Air BnB for the following reasons:


1. I needed to reach Air BnB about a non urgent matter and had over an hour wait and never got through. This makes me very nervous as far as if I really needed their help like in booking or

Luke Tuesday


I searched existing entries in the forums and I found one similar post/question, but the one reply someone made in that post was unhelpful (it was another host who said, paraphrasing, "too much work involved to create this feature, continue to do it manually.")



I have six listings for my home, a variety of rental options all within the

Richard Tuesday

I was asked to join here and introduce myself, but I can't see where.

Am I supposed to introduce myself to each of the different communities?

I wanted to introduce my very successful Airbnb property to all the hosts, because I'm selling it, but I was told that I cannot do that.

That seems strange.

It seems to me to be very logical to have a for sale fo

René Monday

Being out of the discussions loop for a while, I feel like I just experienced Instant Book as a guest would, at least a newbie-ish one would...

Yesterday, as a guest, I went to look for a stay for my own trip. I was disappointed at how few listings I was getting and almost booked a place less desirable after a long search until I realized Instant Bo

Louis Sunday

It would be fantastic to have a emil read notification on the system. 

A simple tick or thumbs up to say it has been opened buy the guest.



Anthony Sunday

We sometimes like to offer a discount for 2, 3 or 4 nights, even though our "normal" minimum stay is 5 nights, so when we have gaps between reservations it would be helpful to be able to still offer fewer nights for a select date period ONLY. 

Thank you

Daisy Sunday

It would be great if Airbnb had a place for Hosts selling or wishing to buy a current Airbnb home. We are selling in Phoenix and plan to relocate to Santa Fe.  We want to do Airbnb there.  Perhaps there is a home set up with a guest area there selling as well.  

Hilary And Ed Sunday

Airbnb should rethink their new policy on babies.


I would suggest that Airbnb ask the parents of these babies if they are, in fact, people.  My guess is that most of them ;) would say that yes, they really are people too.  If the parents consider them people, then I  think the company should believe them.  


Also, they might want to ask the parents

Catherine Sunday

I am FURIOUS.  Simultaneously, another site booked my place and at the same time another person booked with AirbnB.  I immediately cancel the AirBnB reservation...within 2 minutes...and they are charging me on my next reservation $50.00!

I think this is very damaging to everyone as the traveler has up to the LAST DAY without PENALTIES to cancel and

Michele Sunday

 Yourselves have fancy video headers on your home page, we are forced to use plain old photos?

Please allow at least photo spheres!

It's long overdue

Andrea Saturday

Mixing old and new reviews is confusing, and as a guest I would want to see latest and up-to-date reviews, because that's the situation going on right now.

Old reviews may reflect something good or bad that might not even be relevant anymore!!!!!


Raquel Friday

Airbnb please, add the pet fee option.  It has been 'in the works' long enough.  Not having the pet fee option clearly listed during the booking and reservation process makes it more difficult for hosts and guests.  We, the pet friendly airbnb hosts, would like the pet fee option put in place asap.  We need it to continue offering wonderful pet fri

Rc Friday

When a guest's reservation is approaching they get an automatic email about their upcoming trip. Could there be a section in the email where a host could include check in information? As a host I send this in a message to the guest but it would be awesome if they got another reminder in the Airbnb email.

Roger Friday

I host on many other web sites for my lake front home. They all have certain features in their software that are sorely lacking at Air bnb. 


1. There needs to be a "paid" notification sent to hosts. I know based on the Air bnb model it is "assumed" that the renter pays in full when a reservation is made. I want to hear from Air bnb that the renter

Julie Thursday

Like may other hosts I am always trying to learn and improve on my hosting. As a family we have been working hard recently and recieved some graet 5 star reviews and happy guests.


Unfortunately, with no warning I have noticed that Airbnb have put this 'Top' and 'Low' reciew on my page. Getting a bad review in the first place can be hard, but I do l

Joseph a week ago

I would use Instant Book for all my properties but I only want it for guests planning to stay in the next 30 days or so.  I think it is a great feature for last minute and near term bookings.  The problem is if I turn it on guests can book one of my properties for a special event many months out before I have had the chance to set the rates.  I kno

Frederick a week ago

I recently had the flu. I informed an incoming guest and told them they may wish to cancel. THEY agreed it would be better to cancel despite my still being willing to host them. In the interests of customer service i offered to handle the cancellation.


Airbnb give me this message: You've canceled 1 reservation in the past 365 days. If this rate fal

Ken a week ago

Last night, due to extenuating circumstances, my home became inhabitable and I needed to relocate my two guests ASAP.


When I got on the line with Airbnb, I was asked to verify my name, phone number, and email address. No problem.



Then, I was asked for digits of my bank account.


I refused to provide that, and the agent and I went back and forth for

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