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Allow us to add a pet fee! It's more cleaning time when a pet stays and more risk also!



Response from Airbnb

This is a great suggestion and matches our thinking on ways to give hosts more flexibility in offering services. We are actively working on a solution to enable hosts to include individual charges for special services, such as extra cleaning for guests with pets or other features of a listing that may require more effort from the host. We will have more to share on this in the first part of 2018.


In the meantime, you do have the ability to request additional funds from your guests after their reservation is confirmed. From the reservation page, click “Send or Request Money” and indicate the amount of your pet fee. This will send the request directly to your guest so that payment can be processed through Airbnb. Be sure to include a mention of your pet fee in your listing description, as well as a follow-up message directly to the guest, so they know why you are sending the money request.


We rely on your input for improving Airbnb and take these suggestions in Host Voice very seriously, so please keep the great ideas coming.


Olga28 in
Kissimmee, FL
Level 6

You already can. It's up to each host of they allow pets or require a pet fee. 

Cathy17 in
Blue Ridge, GA
Level 2

Absolutely agree that a pet fee needs to be option. Otherwise, everyone pays it in higher rents or cleaning fees. 

Kate114 in
Mount Gretna, PA
Level 1

even though I check "keep me signed in" I have to sign in every time

I have no way to add a pet fee

Deby0 in
Vilano Beach, FL
Level 1

Airbnb added the 'bringing a pet' button so that guests can indicate if they are bringing a pet.  However Airbnb still has yet to add the 'pet fee' button for a host to add a pet fee to that booking.  I know I can go in and do the lengthy explanation and then the 'special offer' to the guest and add the pet fee that way, but why doesn't Airbnb make it easy for the host.  Afterall, the other sites ( and both do this for us!  

Debbie68 in
Buckingham, United Kingdom
Level 2

Where is the pet button? I've had guests turn up with dogs without telling me they'd be bringing them!

Eric-and-Erin0 in
Austin, TX
Level 1

Absolutely agree with this suggestion. I allow pets, which is an option on Airbnb, but I'd like to do so for a fee, for exactly the same reasons explained above-

- cleaning

- damage risk


It is not enough to just have the option of allowing pets or not, if the host allows pets, they should be able to charge a bit extra for this option, and have it perfectly transparent in the airbnb charges list when checking out (paying).

Erin-and-Jakob0 in
Jamestown, CA
Level 1

ditto to Eric & Erin. i have to do considerably more cleaning but would still like to offer that option. 

John308 in
Monmouth, United Kingdom
Level 2

Absolutely agree that the facility to charge for pets is needed. Our property is located in a prime walking (dog walking) location, and if we did not allow pets we would see a marked reduction in bookings. Someting like 30% of our guests bring dogs, but the system as it stands means that the other 70% of guests are paying towards the extra cleaning reuired after we have hosted a dog owner.

Christie-And-Richie0 in
Conway, NH
Level 2

My listings are priced for double occupancy.  Any added guests are an additional $20.  It would seem appropriate that a dog be considered a 3rd person.  When I travel with my dog to pet friendly hotels, it comes at an additional fee per day.  This is totally fair, understandable and worth it to me as a pet owner.  As a host who has 2 listings that allow pets, I wish the right to exercise this option.  Not to be indelicate, but but my suggestion to "leave no trace" is not always "carried" out.  This is way more cleaning that I have to do for any human!!

Janice26 in
Tucson, AZ
Level 2
The pet option should also include number of pets. I would start to charge for pets ASAP. I don't mind pets, it just costs me more time to clean up after. I require pet owners to clean up after pets but most are not good about it. Please change this soon.
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