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There needs to be a way that searchers can also find our listing by our name.  If a past guest or friend has recommended that a traveler check us out, potential guests have no way to do so other than to scroll through 100's of listings until they can find ours.  Some of the filters help, but there is no specific way to find us by host name.  Now that we are Superhosts, it narrows the searching a bit, but it would help if our listing would come up with by our name also.  How difficult is that really?

A simple search bar at the top of the listings page would be so simple.  You have location and other filters.  OR.  Why not put in the current filters:  "do you know a certain host?  Please type their name here".  It would help for repeat guests to find us easily and make it easier for them to refer us to other travelers.  Scrolling wastes time and is frustrating when trying to plan travel.  Why not make it easier on guests to find us.  I bet it would get us all more bookings!

It seems like this would be easy to implement.


Isabel54 in
Westbrook, CT
Level 2

Yes, I agree. My friends cannot find my listing under the title name. Frustrating! So they don't book, don't mention it again, and forget about it altogether.

Laura-And-Mike0 in
Hilo, HI
Level 4

This would be very handy for friends and family.

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