Allow Hosts to see star ratings each guest selected

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Many hosts have expressed the desire to be able to see the star rating each guest left (or didn't).  

Gloria68 in
Hawthorne, CA
Level 1


Taryn4 in
Austin, TX
Level 10

Super Agreed! Super fussy guests who don't understand AirBnB and treat this like Yelp or a hotel bring down the whole experience for everyone. 

Louise in
New South Wales, Australia
Level 10

You can.  It's not exactly rocket science to figure it out...

Helen3 in
Bristol, United Kingdom
Level 10

@Louise only if you keep a tally after each guest. BnB used to show ratings individually but now don't. No reason they can't turn this function back on.

Level 10

Add a box next to star rating so people can write why they rated as they did. This would be very helpful to the host for making improvements, if applicable, and for fine-tuning their description.


It would also allow Airbnb to explain their unique star system to guests.


Julie Ulrike in
North Las Vegas, NV
Level 2

Clare, you can easily find how each guest rated you( how many stars they assigned for each individual category and as a whole experience) right on your host page, just above the actual review. The interface looks different on my cell then on my Kindle and yet different again on my laptop. You may have to look for it, but it's there!

Clare in
Templeton, CA
Level 10

@Julie Ulrike Nope not available to me! I use a laptop and an Android and it's not there. 

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
Status changed to: Popular

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