New Infant policy. Babies are people too, and lots of extra work - just ask their parents!

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Airbnb should rethink their new policy on babies.


I would suggest that Airbnb ask the parents of these babies if they are, in fact, people.  My guess is that most of them ;) would say that yes, they really are people too.  If the parents consider them people, then I  think the company should believe them.  


Also, they might want to ask the parents if these tiny little adorable people are also "work".  Again, my bet is that most parents would agree that there is additional work involved where babies are concerned.  This is not limited to the parents when they are guests at someone else's home. There is additional water (babies take baths! and use sheets!), and loads of laundry involved.  Additional space is needed - babies require beds.  Most people don't have cribs at the ready for any incoming babies, and would need to prepare (and might not even have the space.  They frequently throw up, or the diapers often don't do their job of containment  100%, causing additional attrition of sheets, slipcovers, etc.


There is also additional liability involved where there are decks, pools, hot tubs..


I speak as both a parent, and someone who genuinely likes being around babies, and thinks they are charming.  However, I understand that not everyone thinks so. People should have the right to not have children in their homes if they don't want to. If people don't want to take on the risk, prep work and clean up, that should be entirely up to them.   Some people are renting out small bedrooms for two people in small apartments.  If I were living in one room in a small apartment, renting out the other, I would not appreciate a couple bringing up to five infants into that space.  I also believe it would be very unsafe for the babies, and a huge liability for the host.


Last comment  - Five babies is not five times the work and mess. The differential is not linear. it is exponential.

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I have a toddler upstairs screaming yet I don't say anything for fear of a bad review even though neighbors have complained and my rules mention no screaming. Why do I respond more hearing a child shriek at the top of his lungs for his dad? 

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It adds an hour to my labor to child proof my home not to mention something always gets damaged or broken. 

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@Hilary And Ed


I recently had an inquiry from a guest and after answering several questions I preapproved them, but fortunately I did not block the dates, after preapproval they had one final question, “would I be charging for their toddler”, I said the consensus is that a child was a person a should be charged for, a few hours later they made excuses about the distance from the centre for their grandparents and did not continue with the booking.


I have some experiences of toddlers and the damage they can do, my own son when he was three, present me with his crayon and took me by the hand into our sitting room to show me his art work, he had cover the whole length of one wall with hieroglyph to the height of one meter, I could barely contain my laughter which I think was a shock reaction as crayons are darned difficult to remove.   


When damage is done, I can hear the expression ringing in my ears “He/she is only a child after all” when a week of unpaid for damage and lost earning is ahead of us.


Children should be paid for full stop.




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Yes - I am not opposed to hosting babies.  I just can not understand why  the company would think that they are neither people, nor require work to host.  I just feel that hosts need to be in control of who and how many people come into their homes.  And that hosts should be able to charge for the people who are coming into their homes as they see fit.



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All spines count.  Babies are just as much work to prep for and clean up after as toddlers, or pets.  If it has a spine, it pays an extra person fee. 

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Excellent policy, Raquel.  I will look forward to bringing my pet octpous to your house.  I'll need a 20,000 gallon salt water tank, please!



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With this ridiculous policy in place I am ecstatic that my place isn't child-proof and that I'm legally not allowed to accept children by local regulations. It seems the average Airbnb employee probably doesn't have kids and thus thinks they are like a cute accompanying accessory and doesn't leave any traces! And what are hosts supposed to do when guests arrive with a walking baby sporting a full set of teeth and parents swear they are still within the freebie age bracket??

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@Andrea, except even if you have your listing as not being good for kids <2, people can still book it with kids. I had heard about that, but didn't see it on my listing until recently. If you click to book it, it asks how many adults, how many kids, and how many "infants". They can book up to five "inftants" even though I say my home is not good for them (and I have a max guest limit of 3). I'm really scared of having my first reservation with them, as my home is not good for them, nor do I have any equipment to accommodate them.

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@Michelle-(sorry can't seem to actively tag you here) - if you specifically add in your own written house rules that the listing is not child-proofed and thus not safe for children (not allowed by your insurance) the guests would be breaking your house rules. And if they book/come anyway, call up Airbnb about this to have them re-located, because you cannot run the risk. So always have Airbnb's phone # at hand (speed dial) and don't wait to search it when you need it!
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@Andrea thanks. If you remember me from the mega forum page about my nightmare guest ;-) I have only had one person leave once, and I try to avoid making people angry, but I guess I'd have to do something if someone insisted on coming with a small child... I wasn't sure the route, because Airbnb seems so much more concerned about making their guests happy than protecting their hosts =(

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