Require names of additional guests

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We would appreciate a feature that would require the person booking a reservaiton for more than one person to provide the names of the additional guests and a "link" to their Airbnb profiles.  This is a security issue for hosts, who should know who they are welcoming into their home.  It also makes it easier for us to communicate with and welcome guests if we know all of their names.

Alejandro-Hector0 in
Manila, Philippines
Level 2

I fully support this idea. There are times when guests book for a different person, and do not inform us before hand. Having the names of the guest really helps.


Even if the guests do not have an Airbnb profile - other information such as Email Addresses or Cellphone numbers should be given to us hosts.

Andrew0 in
Berlin, DE
Level 10

There is the feature that allows guests to voluntarily link their co-guests to a booking by email address, which results in their profile being displayed to hosts and the hosts' reviews being applied to the co-guests' profiles. I like the feature and wouldn't mind if guests were encouraged to use it more.


However, I'd prefer for guests to be required to enter the full names and email addresses of all adult guests in the booking - even those without Airbnb accounts - and for the confirmation to be transmitted to all of them. This is especially important when members of a party are arriving separately.  

JB-and-Ramona0 in
Boston, MA
Level 2

Agreed! Is someone at AB&B monitoring this stuff, ideas for potenial platform improvement opportunities? Sorry. Kind of new to this so just curious.

Kelly149 in
Austin, TX
Level 10

@Erin147 I ask (through my rental contract) for names, ages, address & contact # for  all addtl guests. 

Ive also recently added a note that I will offer a 5% discount to any group that has listed abb profiles for all adult guests (I often have groups of 8). No one has taken me up on the offer yet. 

I wouldn't expect abb to help with this info anytime soon but you may ask your guest. 

Erin147 in
Madison, WI
Level 8

@Kelly-And-Dan0Are you saying that you have guests sign a separate rental contract, in addition to booking through Airbnb? 

Gina32 in
Bridport, AU
Level 10

@Erin147 I would support this change to the booking procedures on Airbnb. I often have two or more people turn up and I don't have a clue who the other person/s are.


Lindsay56 in
Oakland, CA
Level 3

I love this idea. It might also help to call attention to the fact that guests need to let us know the accurate number of people to be staying. I've had a large proportion of guests book 1 or 2 in their reservation, then come to find there were 4-5 (or more)!

Walter-and-Karen0 in
New York, NY
Level 2

Dear fellow Airbnbers,


I've got a guest booking starting in ten days.  I required that he give me the names and addresses of the three guests who will join him.  He claims he "sent the names on the form online. They all live in [x]"


Afaik, Airbnb does not provide a "form online" for listing the names and addresses of additional guests.  Do you know otherwise?  Am I looking in the wrong place?



Walter Dufresne

Brooklyn, NY

Kelly149 in
Austin, TX
Level 10

@Erin147 yes, I do send all guests a rental contract and do require them to give info on all guests who are coming.

IMO it would be a vast improvement to have all guests (unrelated adults -- we take up to 8) to be reviewed and also to be able to receive on-platform communication. This is particularly important for hosts who take more guests

Andrew157 in
Windermere, United Kingdom
Level 10



We are hosts and we travel with airbnb. When I book an airbnb place the website asks for the person travelling with me. So I give my wife's details and she gets an email with the itinerary and a review from the host. This is despite only having a partially completed registration. 


A few months ago I changed our house rules to say that we wanted to know the name of the second person staying. We have never been told the name of the second person. 


I suspect that the guests think that airbnb are telling us 

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