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Can Air BnB add a pet fee button?  It is not that hard to add the button and would be curious why this is not on the system already.    I am tired of people not mentioning they are bringing a pet, then they show up with one, two or three.  I then have to chase them down and to add the fee.  This is not only  a hassle but makes for an uncomfortabale experience for the host and guest.  Most guests do not read all of the house rules and go straight to booking.  


Please do not respond with..."that is a great idea and we will look into it"....I know I am not the only one that is requesting this.

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As a Superhost I feel it is a good idea. However, some kind of guidelines may be shown to the intending guests at the very starting point of booking..... kind of a bold message or so : " Treat bnb hosts property as your own" as long as you stay. The concept must not be ... " well, I paid for it for the days and I sort of own it and can do anything" I have discovered that most of the guests are not reminded some sort of honor code at booking stage and thus they messing things. Handling at the booking stage by repeated awareness slogan it may give desired result. Godd for the guests and of course good for the hosts as well!!!
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I don't allow pets (i already have a pooch in the flat) but omg this is such a sensible suggestion.


From a guest side (and yes i'm a host so my persfective is different to the average guest) it would be so much simpler to be able to stick in that you have ie 1 dog in the filter so that you can look at accurate prices when you want to stay somewhere with a pet.


It really time consuming to have to check a nice cheap-ish listing that acepts dogs and but when you go through the whole listing you find there's a £100 extra pet cleaning fee.


Just add the charges into the price settings. like the room rate for an adult vs child and any extra pet cleaning fee. I don't want to have to message each host if i want to know about additional prices for pets/ check its ok that I bring my dog even tho the listing says pets alowed.


Honestly most of the time i travel without my dog but geez its such a pain when you want to take him on airbnb. Other travel websites do pets way better


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It is a pain to add the pet fee after the fact. Case in point, yesterday I had two instant bookings that stated they have pets to bring and were fine with the added fee. I initiated the charges through the Resolution Center, and one of them said the link didn't work -- just took them to the Airbnb main page. I told them to try again in a few days. This would be SO much easier if it were just added in automatically. Less frustration for all involved.

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