Please Vote To Remove/Amend Group Payment Option Unfair to Host

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Dear Fellow Hosts, Happy New Years All! I’m requesting your help as I believe our group voice and oppinions as hosts matter. I’ve communicated with Airbnb this evening and received confirmation that if more than one guest makes a reservation request, guests now have the choice to select “Group Payment” all while blocking the host calendar by selecting this new feature and have not the standard 24 hours hosts and guests nit selecting this option must adhere to but have up to 72 hours to make payment PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 24 hours given to the guest submitting the reservation request to make up for any difference in payment. This essentially means a group of any above 1 person can block a host calendar for 96 hours/ 4 DAYS and then not even book at all, all the while blocking those dates on a hosts calendar for other guests willing and able to pay in a timely fashion of 24 hours. The host presently has no options or recourse on this and wont even know when approving a request if the guest will elect group payment option. Please vote thumbs up to this post if you are in favor of removing the group option payment feature AND/OR reducing to the same 24 hours hosts and anyone else has AND/OR or in the least giving the host the option to remove this feature from their profile to book. We have a voice on this important subject if used together. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration! Best, Reina B


Response from Airbnb

Thanks for your feedback on Group Payments. This is a new feature and we know it needs some refining, so we really value your input. We hear your concerns about having your calendars locked while guests complete their payments. We are actively reviewing ways to address this for hosts and are still collecting feedback before we make our next change. We appreciate your patience as we continue working toward a Group Payments feature that works great for hosts and guests.


Michelle-and-Ray0 in
Kimberley, Canada
Level 10

In the "real world" when doing a group vacation, here's what my friends and I do. First, we decide which person will do the booking. That person then presents the group with several option as to venue and a group decision is made as to whih one to book. Then we figure out how much each of us will owe. At that point, we pay the "leader" by whatever method was agreed upon, whether it be by cash, cheque, money order, bank transfer, e-transfer, or Paypal. At that time, the leader then makes the booking.  This whole process, from start to end can take anywhere from several weeks to several hours, but at NO TIME is it ever necessary to tie up the venue and make them wait to be paid. This way, no one gets "stung" if one person fails to pay, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY the venue! The venue should NEVER get the short end of the stick just because 2 or more people can't gettheir act together for payment. If it's that much of an issue for them, I likely don't want them as guests, since it may seem that they cannot afford it anyway.  I fail to see any positive reason why this would even be an option to guests. Twenty years ago, when there was only cash or cheque to pay indivuals with, and credit card only over the phone, this *might* have made sense (though I doubt it). With the vast array of choices to transfer money between individuals these days there is ZERO reason for this to ever have to happen.

Rachel13 in
Morzine, France
Level 5

Agreed Michelle! - I, as a host, want the option to turn Split Payments off. I do not see why a group of guests should have the ability to hold any of my listings hostage for 96 hours  at a time, (and potentialy repeatedly, ad infinitum!) while they play the field in my local area. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, AIRBNB! 

Amy-and-Sean1 in
Seattle, WA
Level 2
I agree with the original poster.
Jane2 in
Paris, France
Level 2

I had no idea that " groups" could block my calendar for 72 hours. The current " group" is a couple. I find it stupefying that Airbnb gives " groups" so much more time to finalize a reservation than they give to single people,families or couples. My capacity is three people, my listing is not business ready and so not aimed at collauagues and in the four years that I have been a host, no group of friends have had any problem in sorting out their financing before booking . It is absurd that a couple, presenting themselves as a group, can block my calendar for four days. As a business policy, how can Airbnb promote a measure that doesn't treat all guests in a fair and equitable manner? Aren't my single guests or solo travelers as desireable and valued?

we should be allowed to opt out of this measure.

Angela629 in
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Level 2


Angela629 in
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Level 2

Agreed 👍

Jeff291 in
Lakewood, CO
Level 1

I appreciate you providing a level of options. I would agree. 48 hours and the option for host to remove as a feature. 

Brandon-And-Robert0 in
Denver, CO
Level 2

I agree!

Wim6 in
Cala de Sant Vicent, Spain
Level 2
thanks @Reina0 I just found out about due a group payment for 2 weeks. yes 4 days is a very long time As property manager this is troublesome as it opens the door for last minute loss and double bookings. What happens when a booking for overlapping dates is made via an automatic booking on an other booking channel, during the 4 days of waiting till a payment is made? Technically speaking, there is only a booking confirmed when a payment is made. Airbnb writes: "If we cancel the reservation because they didn’t pay on time, we’ll give back any money they’ve paid so far. Since group payment reservations aren’t confirmed until everyone has paid, your cancellation policy won’t apply if we cancel the pending reservation. " !!! Since group payment reservations aren’t confirmed until everyone has paid !!! I presume legally this applies also to the owners/managers they can cancel an accepted booking REQUEST, without it being CONFIRMED by Airbnb. Does someone knows any Airbnb link that explains cancelling an accepted booking request before payment received? An option would be asking each booking request before accepting if : 1) it is a group payment 2) if it is a pre-funded booking request 3) if not if the credit card limit is sufficient to pay the booking. As in all 3 cases, one can be stuck with a blocked calendar without knowing the booking request will be paid eventually. Last option would be "instant booking" but are these always before fully paid bookings or does the same problems can happen with them ?
Hana12 in
Catalonia, Spain
Level 10

Dear @Reina7@Wim6@Brandon-And-Robert0@Jeff291@Angela629 

I totally agree.

Another option could be that the hosts could decide if accept or not this type of reservations. 

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