Put Reviews back in chronological order to reflect listing development

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Mixing old and new reviews is confusing, and as a guest I would want to see latest and up-to-date reviews, because that's the situation going on right now.

Old reviews may reflect something good or bad that might not even be relevant anymore!!!!!


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Reviews are now showing up in order of your own country first.

I agree that the most recent reviews should be first as they are the most accurate.

Also, it is useful to see opinions from an assortment of nationalities rather than just the locals.

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The reviews on my English page are all mixed up, new and old. That's the problem.
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Exactly! I just want to see the most recent reviews independently from the country of origin. Everything else is just plain stupid, sorry

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Totally. Yelp mixes theirs too instead of chronological which is probably also inaccurate as things change.

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Just put them back in the order they were recieved please Airbnb. I know you are reading these comments, and your hosts are the ones that keep you in business, we are at the coal face everyday, having to explain your silly whims.

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Agreed.  If guests are "telling us what we could do better", and then we do improve, that should show up over time with the reviews.  If a host gets less than perfect reviews in some area at the binning, and then adresses the issue, other prospective guests should be able to see that the more recent reviews show improvement in the area.


Put another way, the more recent the review, the more relevant it is to how the place is now, to what the host knows about hosting now, and to what the host has learned.


Reviews put in chronicological order will demonstrate this.

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Please Air put the reviews back in order. If we improve on something, it only makes sense that it shows up in reviews.


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Agree whole-heartedly - please put the reviews back in chronological order!!! What possible benefit is this having on anyone's part?
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Exactly! I have 2 bookings per week and the review on top is from January. The second one from JUNE 2016 !!! The third from may last year! How does that reflect the changes I made??


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This latest 'enhancement' is utter madness.   

Of all the design and functionality mistakes that Airbnb has made in the years I've been hosting, this is absolutely the no. 1 corporate cluster-**bleep** of all time.  It's deceptive, confusing, detracts from the utility of the site and demoralises hosts.

 When I rely on reviews to make a purchase decision I am only interested in those which give a contemporaneous account of the quality of the offering.    To put it more plainly, unless I'm travelling by time machine I don't give a flying **bleep** what the accommodation was like 2 or 3 years ago.



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