Airbnb Customer Support and Cancel Policy for Coronavirus

BSB, Brunei
Level 10

Dear All Host of Airbnb


Last few weeks  we are passing through very hard time  to maintaining the property and staffs. Airbnb started with very good concept and got global support from traveler and as well from host. They become with in top ten community based travel service provider company in the world. Recently Airbnb Customer Service and their business policy become very bad and not acceptable by the most of the host in some cases by the Airbnb members or travelers.


If Airbnb want to maintain their business in this globe they have to upgrade the customer service in every country and must have regional office for offline services. Now after the COVID-19 issue arise even become more than worse.  Specially the most Airbnb host are now  suffering.


Airbnb should hire professional people to manage their company policy not by the ameture. If they continue this kinds of attitude to the host the Airbnb red flag will fly in most country soon. We are not against the traveler or other Airbnb guest who make booking through Airbnb and stay in host property. The cancellation policy 100% in favor of the guest and it's not fare to the host.


Still there is a time to turn back and protect both. Hope we will get fare support from Airbnb management.


Thank you very much for reading this message.






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