Bookings for my once popular, listing have disappeared due to Increase in City/County Taxes.

Portland, OR
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So sad that our City has virtually killed my once thriving, unique, inexpensive, sweet treehouse with a huge Increase in Their Occupancy

Taxes! I am just the "little guy" (gal)....I am not a hotel. Not even a house with several rooms. We, as many nice cities presently have high

rents, so the City has cracked down on Short Term rentals in a big way...mainly Airbnb! I understand this for the types of Airbnb's that

have "remote owners" as in...they bought the house for the purpose of renting it much more lucratively on Airbnb, and don't even live in it.

That cearly is illegal and it has influenced rents to increase. For us small, modest listings, is a sad situation, indeed, as now, a

modest listing, has become quite pricey. With my inexpensive, unique listing, I became a Superhost straight away. I started out too cheap,

then increased a touch, as I provide a small breakfast as well, but chose to remain inexpensive, because my treehouse is teeny...sweet, but

teeny.  I remained inexpensive, as my quests were mostly young college students and I loved them and truely enjoyed making them happy!

Right now, in winter, I am a mere $23, with a $10 cleaning fee....but with the New Taxes, it costs $47 for 1 night. Much more than before. Too

much for most. I cannot go lower, as I maintain a cedar compost toilet and do breakfast...would not be owrth my energy. Now...I am virtually

in mourning for the loss being able to provide, what guest saw as an "experience". I teach sustainable living practices, by the treehouse example.

I loved Not being part of the price gouging economy! Now that seems to be Over....gone the way of the Dodo. Bottom Line....The City has killed

the once affordable concept of Airbnb.....they are a Great Company, but now they are too expensive for the less affluent among us. Too sad.

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