Co-Host in Wien gesucht

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Vienna, Austria

Co-Host in Wien gesucht


da mein co-host im Juli auf Urlaub ist bräuchte ich diesen Monat Hilfe mit unseren Buchungen, vielleicht hat ja hier jemand aus Wien Interesse 🙂 


Beste Grüße, 


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Hi Jorge and thanks for replying. I have found a Co-Host meanwhile. What I'm now looking for: Does anyone have a contact for a cleaner?

Hi all, have completed the renovation of my apartment in 1010 Vienna. Looking for a co-host while I'm here in Austria for the next 2 months (I live in Australia)

Hello @Günther28 , Im Jorge 
Living in Vienna 4 Years already,

I have seen that you are looking for a Co-Host, Please reply me and we can have a discussion about that 


Thank you

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Vienna, Austria

Hi, I am looking for a co-host in Vienna (all year round). Please contact me if you are interested. Best, Markus

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Vienna, Austria

I'm also looking for a co-host especially in July, since I'm on vacation. 

Please call me or text me:

*sensitive information hidden*

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Vienna, Austria

Hello Isi, are you still looking for a CoHost ?

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West Drayton, United Kingdom

Dear Nicole and Brandon


Not sure if this is still relevant but if you are ever in need of a professional friendly co host please let me know.


Speak soon.


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Tyrol, Austria

Hi, if you are still interested in co-hosting let me know 



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Vienna, Austria

hi i am looking for a co host in vienna  contact me pls

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Vienna, Austria

Hi! I would be interested. My number is*sensitive information hidden*. Feel free to call me directly. Thanks, Anna

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