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Hey everyone,


Even though many of you have already stepped up your regular cleaning due to COVID, I know that several hosts like to take some time each year to do a more thorough cleaning in order to freshen up their space.


Spring cleaning can be a great opportunity for not only cleaning up those often neglected spots but also for performing maintenance on appliances. 


Personally, I like to take some time each season to declutter and say goodbye to things I no longer need.


So what I’d like to know is: do you do spring cleaning in your listing? Do you follow a checklist or have any special strategies for tackling this challenge? 





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Re: Have you got any spring cleaning plans?

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I just have my cleaners use TurnoverBnB to access the checklist that I provide for them. As for specific areas that I want to be cleaned I will direct message them or outline this in the checklist. I try to have as many regular cleanings as possible with the same cleaner(s) each time. So far 3-4 cleanings a week or after every checkout has been working well for me. @Liv 

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