A new dashboard gives a clear view of your earnings

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A new dashboard gives a clear view of your earnings



It’s easier to make plans for your hosting business when you can view your earnings in one place. Our redesigned earnings dashboard makes this possible. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of past and future payouts, customizable reports, filters, and search.


The update is part of the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release.  You’ll find the new earnings dashboard in your hosting menu once you opt in to Early Access. Get more details about what’s in the dashboard on the Resource Center.

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Thank you for the customizable reports!  But please bring the yearly totals for financial earnings and projected earnings by year back.  Your new design is pretty, but you took away information we need to run our business.  Can you please just add the yearly totals to the graph, so that we don't need to manually calculate them?  Thank you.


Longer feedback:

I used to be able to see my projected yearly total for this year (2023) at a glance. And in one click I could advance to next year and see my projected earnings for 2024.  This is extremely useful for tax planning, planning yearly expenditures, etc. I could see how I did this year compared to last, and what percent of next years earnings are already booked.  With the new design,  we can see monthly earnings easily, and YTD earnings, which are not useful.  Both focus hosts on past earnings, rather than future earnings (which is what we can control).  Past earnings are necessary to put in reports (e.g., for tax reporting), but at a glance what we really need to see our projected earnings, so we can plan. 


Now to calculate my projected yearly earnings, I need to click on each month and use a spreadsheet or do the math in my head (this is what computers and charts with analytics are for).  This task becomes harder because the whole notion of a "year" has been removed from the graph.  We can not see even see the year listed on any months of this year.  My graph arbitrarily goes from "May" to "May".  If I click on the first "May" I need to guess that it means May 2023 (since no year is listed), while May 2024 thankfully is annotated with the year.  Why make us think so much by removing years from the graph? 


It may look nicer in graphics design, but you are mentally taxing your users for no reason.  There is a lot of focus on graphics design here and an attempt to eliminate as much information as possible-- even useful concepts in financial planning like "years"!   Note to the designer: read the work of Edward Tufte on how bad design can lead to user error. 


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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hi @Mike-And-Jane0 and @Rachna6, thank you for sharing your feedback. Airbnb is continuing to work on the earnings dashboard and other insights for Hosts. And we encourage Hosts to send their feedback after using the new features.

@Mike-And-Jane0, as for the issue that you mentioned regarding the yearly earnings report taking you to payment methods, I will pass this feedback on to the product team.



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Hi Paula, any update on when the yearly earnings dashboard  report will be displayed again? It seems quite a few Host have an issue with this report being removed. 

So so agree to the feedback.. I used to take me 3clicks to get to yearly earnings view (2021 / 2022/ 2023), now its 20 clicks to get to the same info ..

From a UX standpoint that is just not good.  Hopefully they bring back some of the old functionality.


Please share what those 20 clicks are! I can't find that info anywhere and would sure like to.

can you please share HOW to click back to see previous months?  I'm pretty computer savvy and I've been staring at this page for 20 minutes.  I can't see any way to go back past the six months they're showing.  I tried clicking on the individual months and nothing happens.  I hate that it might take 20 clicks, but right now I can't even figure out how to DO 20 clicks!  Help!

Same issue here… I hope the airbnb team can resolve this!! They do a great job and seem to be a high caliber team so I’m hopeful they’ll fix it asap 🙏🏻😮💨

I miss my projected yearly earnings at a glance tremendously, and as the other host said; they’re vital for forward movement and planning the business on a super-host level.  Thanks Airbnb for promising to look into it! 🙏🏻

100% agree.

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Hello Airbnb,

Sadly this doesn't seem to be working properly as when I click on yearly earnings report it takes me to payment methods.

My comment though is would it be possible to set the base page up for the financial year. For most people in the UK this is April to March (generally we are allowed to ignore the fact that it is April 6th to March 5th). At present mine shows May through May which is no countries financial year not least because it is 13 months.

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Is there a place that Co-Hosts are able to see this information? I'm a property manager and I'm not the main listing admin or listing owner for our properties. With the new earnings page, I'm not longer able to see a Transaction History or any information about payouts.  Even as a Full Access Co-Host, I no longer have the ability to see any earnings information - making it difficult to do my job. 

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Gabrielle398 and welcome to our community!


Co-Hosts are not currently able to view another Host's earnings dashboard. Co-hosts are, however, able to view their portions of payouts in their own earnings dashboard. 


Please feel free to share any feedback you may have on this matter directly with Airbnb >>here.



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Is there a reason for this? Or for getting rid of the transaction history? 

Hello Paula, this isn't good !   We need access (as in the past) to be able to pull owners transaction history.   Otherwise how can I see how much they received for certain period of time, etc ?     We need that to be back.

Trying to pay our required city taxes for my place in Mammoth.  I'm unable to access the grid with the information, which previously was  there in one place, with one click.  Is Airbnb wanting us to upgrade or buy "professional" tools now?   I'm not a business, i am one person.  Can you please send us our monthly reports. 🙂   We all get penalized if we are late with our monthly tourist taxes.  thank you for trying to help, but this isn't helpful.