Introducing new Airbnb Categories

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Introducing new Airbnb Categories

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In May, we introduced Airbnb Categories – a new way of making millions of unique homes discoverable to guests who would have never known existed otherwise. We want to ensure guests looking for a unique space, like yours, can easily find it in categories and feel enticed to book. 

So, we’re introducing new Airbnb Categories:

  • New: Listings added to Airbnb within the past 10 weeks
  • Trending: Highly rated homes receiving more listing views than the previous week
  • Hanoks: Traditional Korean homes constructed of natural materials 
  • Top of the world: Places guests can stay around 10,000 feet above sea level, often with stunning views
  • Adapted: Spaces confirmed to include accessibility features, like step-free paths to the guest entrance, a bedroom, and a bathroom
  • Play: Listings with basketball courts, game rooms, trampolines, water slides, and more
  • Private rooms: This update to our Shared Homes Category offers 1.2 million beautiful and affordable spaces of all types, excluding hotels

Additionally, starting early in 2023, you’ll also be able to check which category your listing is in and provide more specifics about your space – we’ll share more info about this soon. 


Read more about it on the Resource Center.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @James2743 ,


Thanks for showing interest in further updates of categories! As of now, we do not have an exact date for when the other updates will be rolled out. But we will surely keep you updated about it here in the Community Center. 


We're happy to announce the Month of Celebration!

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Norfolk, United Kingdom

Any updates yet about when in 'early 2023' the updates will be coming?

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Bethesda, MD



I have just discovered this page.  Frankly, with the old system of findability (?) via region and keywords we never needed it.


Since the new changes, we do really need help now, please!


Today we entered our second month of 2023 with NO AirBnb bookings.  January: 0 and February: 0.  Nada.  Not a reduction, an elimination!


This follows:


2021, during which we had 54 bookings for 155 nights




2022, during which we had 38 bookings for 112 nights.


The new category system ***has destroyed our AirBnb practice.***


Can we be categorized in these EXISTING categories from the new menu, too?:


• Cabins

• Amazing view

• Countryside

• National parks

• Creative spaces

• Historical homes


If so, how do we get this done? All of these categories apply to us, too!


Here are suggestions for ADDITIONAL categories that are not in the menu but would serve us well:


  • Civil War
  • C&O Canal
  • Cycling heaven
  • Garden paradise
  • Americana


Can someone get back to me?



**[Personal details removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

Absolute worst software enhancement ever! Screwed up my marketing, overrides my cover photo! Now a piece of crap software and i have been a superhost for 5 years. They screwed my bookings. Getting a roommate at the end of the year.

I was in software for forty years this is the worst enhancement ever!!!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hi @Maxine153 , I'm sorry you're facing this issue. I did a search in our Community and found other hosts who have experienced the same situation, along with some solutions that have worked for them. Here is the link where you can find those discussions.


I hope you find this helpful.



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I looked. Didn't help. Airbnb categories has screwed my listing after 5 years of being a Superhost. No longer hosting after the new year, getting a roommate. Categories enhancement is CRAP!!!!

Sad airbnb will be losing business...😆 

Thanks for nothing!!!

Sad to hear! My listing was doing well 100% booked, now it’s fallen off a brutal cliff into an ocean of nothingness. Not even an inquiry. What’s going on . I even have it ADA & extreme pools but nothing…what is going on? 

I did. No help. Categories has managed to kill my business and I will be getting a roommate after being a Superhost for 5 years. I was in PC software development over 40 yrs; Worst enhancement!

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Shelburne, VT

What the hell is the Minsus category?

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Takoma Park, MD

Your categories force Airbnb hosts to MISINFORM potential guests because the categories we are forced to use are WRONG. People want to stay at my place because it is in a "waterfront community." It is not beach front. It is not lake front. But guests can kayak, crab, fish and walk, sit and picnic near the water. For some crazy reason you put my beach house in the "country side" category.  What are they to expect? Chickens? Pigs? Cornfields in the backyard? Forcing my listing under the "countryside" category is misrepresentation without the host's consent.