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I have searched the boards and could not find a thread about this. I would love for everyone to post what they would consider kitchen essentials items. Please post just the item without a comment so we can all compile a list. Please include wish list items. For example, a slow cooker is not a must but so many guests have asked me about it that I got it. I will start with a few obvious items


Can opener

Bottle opener

Oven mitt

Kitchen towel

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coffee maker (with sufficient filters)

covered sauce pot

skillet or frying pan

cutting board

Sharp knives

larger pot for pasta

cooking spoons


plates, bowls, cups, glasses



some kind of baking pan(s)

sponge/brush for dishes

dish soap 

dish detergent if there is a dishwasher



 Measuring spoons and cups

Ice: either trays or a dispenser

garbage bin with sufficient bags



Those are the most basic


Other things that are nice to have:


electric kettle

plastic wrap

aluminium foil




 Wine glasses

rice cooker


water filtering pitcher, like Brita

casserole dish




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Any place famous for citrus should have a way to juice it.... even if it is just a simple reamer. [Looking at you hosts in Seville and Valencia.]

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I second the reamer

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*Essentials* for me would be...... (and my assumption is stuff needed to prepare a  *simple* meal  🙂 )

microwave/stove/ oven or rice cooker (depending on culture)

fridge (w/ freezer)

coffee maker (w/ a generous amount of filters and grinds - some people want coffee more than once a day)

cutting board+knives

pans/pots/(electric) kettle

plates, bowls, cups, glasses, mugs, cutlery (wine glasses maybe. I'm personally not a wine-drinker) - at least a few extra more than the max occupancy

cooking utensils (laddle, spatula, cooking spoons)

mixing bowls and colander

bottle/can openers

access to flitered water for cooking

dish soap + sponge

oven mit and pot holder

kitchen towels, aluminum foil, cling wrap, baggies and a few tuperware containers







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The items already mentioned and


This would come under nice to have

Instant Pot (especially if there is no stove/oven)


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In addition to what has been listed...


-rice cooker 

-ziplock baggies

-reuseable food containers with lids

-spray cleaner like 409/Method/H20 and vinegar

-written instructions for whatever coffee maker you might offer

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I forgot paper towels!  Important.

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-Note pads with pens and pencils 

-Cheat sheet on the fridge with checkout instructions, rules, the address, and host emergence contact info


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Good call

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West Moonah, Australia
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All of the above but I also add cheese knives and a serving platter/small serving bows.... we have lots of people wanting to put together nibbles etc.... not a neccessity by any means but our guests really appreciate it.

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Blender - for smoothies and cream soups

Lime squeezer

Garlic press


I wouldn't consder any of those "must-haves" for guests, though. But this one I would:

Non-scratch scrubby for dishes and stovetop

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Only thing i've ever been asked for @Sarah977 is a garlic press, I didn't know such a thing existed.

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As a villa manager who looks after several holiday rental homes, this is the list we give to all property owners as minimum kitchen essentials.  Hope you find this helpful.


Fridge with freezer




Mineral water dispenser (may not be necessary where tap water is drinkable)




Coffee maker (either a Bodum type plunger or drip machine)

Tea pot

Water jug(s)

Water bottles

Plates, bowls, coffee/tea cups - minimum supply is one per maximum occupancy plus 50% (so 4 person occupancy = minimum 6 of each)

Water/beer/juice glasses (double maximum occupancy of property)

Wine glasses (double maximum occupancy of property)

Cutlery (double maximum opccupancy of property)

Chef's knife plus smaller  paring knife

Can/bottle opener

Chopping board

Serving bowls x 2

Mixing bowl

2 saucepans

1 large frying pan or wok

1 small/medium frying pan

Chef's spoon and spatula set


Oven gloves

Either baking pan or casserole dish

Set of plastic storage boxes (Tupperware or whatever)

Salt grinder

Pepper grinder

Milk jug

Sugar bowl


Other extras that are popular with guests:

Rice cooker

Kitchen scales

Children's (plastic) dining ware

Champagne glasses


Re: Kitchen essentials

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There's some great lists here @Emily487@Kristy43@Sarah977@Nusa-Lembongan-Villas0.Thanks @Inna22 for starting this topic.


I wonder would you say that supplying washing up liquid is an essential for your listing kitchen (if guests have access to this)? Do you normally supply it? 



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