Warning about the host guarantee

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I just got a denial for a professional cleaning invoice submitted on the host guarantee and feel this is important to document and protest. Here is how the agent worded the denial:




I have replied to Sixto telling him that after personally hosting over 15,000 Airbnb reservations (not to mention about twice that many on other platforms) I certainly understand the concept he describes of charging a flat fee that covers the normal range of dirty vs. clean guests.... but I only took the time to submit this invoice because it truly was outside the normal spectrum. 


This is one of MANY posts warning that the host guarantee is not protecting us but in the past an invoice from a verifiable third party cleaning company was considered valid. Sixto's message indicates that we are now to absorb whatever cleaning costs the guests leave us with. I try to charge very reasonable cleaning fees because most guests do leave things within a certain range. I think it is ridiculous advice that should charge every harmless old couple a premium to cover the potential nasty thrown down that could come my way any minute. 


On other platforms, if there is a problem we can charge the security deposit with one click. No drama. Worst case scenario we get a bad review for charging the guest as no guest enjoys paying. But at least that choice is up to us, was it bad enough to charge them and make them mad. Sometimes the answer is yes. But on Airbnb we get to fall into a world of drama asking the guest first, getting treated viciously and DENIED most of the time by the guest... and then, after being asked to submit repeatedly the photos etc DENIED again by customer service. 


Even if you get paid something it will not be all of what you spent. I got a broken freezer shelf paid for at a depreciated value! That would never be the case in a real security deposit situation. 


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Re: Warning about the host guarantee

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The cleaning fee is not for cleaning after check-out.


The cleaning fee is for making the accommodation clean and ready for a guest.


So if you submitted a cleaning invoice for cleaning up an extreme mess from a filthy guest after check-out, it has nothing to do with the regular cleaning fee, so not "charged twice".


Maybe Sixto need to be educated about this ;>)

Re: Warning about the host guarantee

Diggle, United Kingdom
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This is an interesting thread. I jumped on because I had a query about cleaning fees. 
I suppose it depends on what sort of property you have.

I have a tiny house lodge and don’t charge a cleaning fee. This is because it takes minimal amount of time for me to clean and most of my guests leave it clean and tidy. 
However, just recently I’ve had 3 guest stays that have been really quite filthy. 
I’ve had to shampoo all upholstery and steam clean after their stays. 

I really don’t want to penalise my other respectful guests. Is there a middle ground here?

So angry about the dirty few, can I charge them retrospectively?




Re: Warning about the host guarantee

Savannah, GA
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I am sure they would tell you to charge every guest yes. You’re decision making skills as an owner are sadly not honored here. Airbnb allows hosts to post an amount on the listing for a “security deposit”. Until you have a problem you might think it’s real. On all other traditional vacation rental situations the owner can charge the guest from the deposit for this. Failure to follow the checkout procedure. Unusual mess. Whatever it is, it’s between the owner and the guest if the owner says I need to retain this much of your deposit... and the owner risks a bad review so that self limits overly punitive owners. Airbnb is not letting us have any security. The security deposit field is actually smoke and mirrors. It’s fake. 

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