What problems do you have with managing cleaners? Solutions that work?

Honolulu, HI
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I've been an AirBnb host since 2012 and I find it increasingly difficult to  not only hire good cleaning staff but PAY them now that cleaning fees can't be split out and paid automatically via Airbnb.  I spend hours reviewing time sheets, schedules and issuing payments. We have cleaners who only want instant payment via WalMart money transfers at $8 in per $100 in fees. This also means we have to go to WalMart and wait in line, ugh.


I am super detailed with checklists and training, but it seems every cleaner loses focus and my ratings suffer. The guest is not happy with the cleaning, but the cleaner is already paid and there's no way to fix it before I get the rating. It costs me in both crediting guests AND ratings.


What are your headaches with this and have you found anything that helps?  I'm so frustrated and can't imagine I'm the only one...

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Re: What problems do you have with managing cleaners? Solutions that work?

Sarasota, FL
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@Crystal171: We have found the best way to manage cleaners is to take them out of the equasion all together and do the cleaning ourselves. Airbnb is make or break on the cleaning aspect. We know its done right, we don't have to contact and schedule anyone with last minute bookings, there is no mis-communication and we are able to keep the cleaning fee fairly reasonable while pocketing the extra money. We know this doesn't work for everyone but its really the only way (in our opinion) you can keep the cleaning level as high as possible.

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