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    My guests stole items from my house and I filed a police report. When I contacted AirBnB to tell them, they said that under their policy they do not do anything unless the guest admits to stealing and wants to pay you back. This is absolutely absurd, th... Latest reply by Cynthia-and-Chris1
    Hello team! I have in one of my listings the correct price, and a guest have made the reservation but it appear with a different one. Just to clarify, it's not the one I have in my Price Settings. I have 24 hours to solve this matter, any ideas? Best rega... Latest reply by Patricio-Jacob0
    Hi I currently have guests staying. Thier reservation is showing up in my calendar, and under the 'Reservations' tab. But although they checked in on Saturday, I have not received any notification of payment. Neither is it showing in my Transaction histor... Latest reply by Cynthia-and-Chris1
    Hi there, A guest just had to cancel their booking for January 2018. My cancellation policy is set to moderate, so they should have got a full refund. However, they wrote and said that it was showing "strict" to them at their side. I said they should c... Latest reply by Branka-and-Silvia0
    Hi, I manage 2 different flats in the same adress, and i have a customer that wants to change her reservation from one flat to the other one.same dates, same price.it seems that AirBnB does not allow anything like that without really cancelling the reserv... Latest reply by Michael47
    Hi all, we have hosted 9 trips in the past 12 months, with the 10th guest leaving on 1 April, which is the day of the next Superhost assessment. My question is, will this guest's trip be taken into the assessment and qualify as the 10th trip? Latest reply by Linda108
    Hi I have had a negative feedback from a host that imbringes the review policy . I have proof that his comment contradict his own experience, with he message he had written prior, we refuse to give free nights. How can I report this and have it removed ?... Latest reply by Linda108
    We used to have a wealth of information on our stats page, where we could look at a half-dozen metrics for each calendar month - the nightly price spread, number of booked/unbooked days and occupancy rate, earnings, etc. Now all I can see is my earnings f... Latest reply by Dan144