Mazda Recipe Book: rucola and pachinos pasta

Level 5


Chop pachinos in four, if too big cut big pieces in half, add a crushed garlic



Make it brown in a pan, I use a pot. I like it burnt



Cook your bavette and pour it in the tomato  pot 



When lukewarm add loads of grana/parmigiano (I told you already if these cheeses are too hot they turn into rubber). Mix it



Now add roughly chopped rucola and mix it again


To know: few years ago 100gr of pasta was considered one portion and for women 70gr. Now they changed doses for men 80gr and women 60gr. 

A colleague used to have an entire pasta packet 500gr 😂


If too dry add some spoons of cooking water 

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Re: Mazda Recipe Book: rucola and pachinos pasta

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Re: Mazda Recipe Book: rucola and pachinos pasta

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@Mazda2 Just seeing this one - it's given me ideas for dinner, thank you!!


500g of pasta is one very large portion 😆


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