Hello everyone,


It's summertime (in the UK) and the weather in fine (not in the UK). What better way to enjoy the impending summer (or winter to our Australian friend) than with some good friends, good laughs and a good ol' CC social!?


This week, we are back on a North America friendly timezone because we are having an extra special happening. The superb @Debra300 and elusive @Emilia42 are both having a wonderful time with @Ann72 , in real life, and have agreed to bring that fun to our social!


Our next social meetup will be:


Friday May 13th, 10PM (UK time)*



Friday May 13th, 4PM  (Pensacola/Kansas City)

Friday May 13th, 5PM  (New York / Toronto)

Saturday May 13th, 6AM (Seoul)

Saturday May 13th, 7AM (Sydney)

Saturday May 13th, 9AM (Auckland)


If you would like to join, please register before the start time using this specific link (this link changes each week so if you have registered before, you will need to do it again - sorry): 

Not sure how to use Zoom? Check out this CC guide


New to CC socials: For anyone new to the socials, it's a weekly online meetup where CC members come together to connect with each other and have a bit of positivity along the way. It's not specifically Airbnb focused and anyone new is very welcome.  


Theme: Friends and fun! Bring your favourite joke, the cheesier the better.


Looking forward to speaking with you all. 


Take care.



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Re: Next CC Social online meetup: Friday May 13

England, United Kingdom
Level 10

@Sybe It's past my bedtime I am afraid.

Betreff: Next CC Social online meetup: Friday May 13

Stuttgart, Germany
Host Advisory Board Member

See you in half an hour. I'm sooo tired, I think I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open 😉

Re: Next CC Social online meetup: Friday May 13

Eugene, OR
Level 2

I need the link to today's meeting please.

Re: Next CC Social online meetup: Friday May 13

Willits, CA
Level 10

@Sybe @Stephanie @Till-and-Jutta0 And all the others on the call - Such a pleasure to see you all, and have a visit. It is Creek's birthday - so, reluctantly, I left after an hour to continue with our plans for celebrating him. Enjoy your weekend, and until next time! Kitty

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