The perfect easy Amatriciana

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In UK the most famous dish is Chicken Masala, in Italy is Amatriciana.


Our poor tradition had the wise way to mix very few ingredients to make it a big dish, ok some are pretty engaging like french food but most of them are quite easy and based on the mediteranean pyramid diet.


I'won't stop over about the 2 ethimologies you can easily find on wikipedia, Matriciana or Amatriciana?
I just want to let you serve the best amatriciana to let your guests say WOW!




Ingredients for 2:

- A couple of guanciale slices thick 0,5cm or pancetta, chopped in cubes say 1x2cm.
- A big onion chopped
- Tomato passata 1 packet or chopped tomato tin or pelati can, doesn't really matter for the final result
- Pasta boiled 180grams, preferably bavette, better egg pasta tagliatelle but even bucatini or short one if your cupboard is asking you help, italian pasta always cook al dente because we use best grains and drying methods while other countries do not.
- Pecorino cheese and parmesan grated 50/50 or just pecorino 100%

- that's it, no other ingredients, just 5!


Gently fry guanciale then set aside when gold, add onions until golden then add tomato sauce, gently cook on a simmer for 10mins until tomato get sweeter and cooked, add guanciale for further 5mins on a simmer, stop cooking, set the pan aside and add 50% grated mix cheese, mix it with cooked pasta and finally snow it with the further 50% cheese.


At your discretion if you wish add few basils leafs, this is a trick from Sophia Loren recipe book I gave a sneak peek while queing at post office and have to say it's pretty good, now I always serve it with 4-5 basil leafs lol. 


Please just buy Made in italy, not italian sounding food, it makes the difference of quality and taste of a true real experience, check for the tag Made and imported from Italy behind your packet.



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sorry but you missed the chillies @David6824 

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