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Hi everyone I joined Airbnb 2 years ago and it has been a great success for me. I would like to share these tips I have followed to help other Airbnb hosts. Hope it’s helpful to some people and please upvote it if you liked it.A note to new Hosts:You mig... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Stephanie
Hey everyone, I thought it would be cool for us to have some light-hearted fun while getting to know community members a bit better  With that in mind, I came up with a quick quiz for us to find out more about your hosting personality. Here it ... Erfahre mehr
[GAME] What is your hosting personality?
Letzte Antwort von John5097
Hiya everyone, Though we’re probably sick of hearing it now, things have changed due to the pandemic and hospitality has definitely felt a big impact. Today we are talking about your listings guidebook or welcome booklet, whether physical or digital. T... Erfahre mehr
What do you include in your House Guide or Welcome Booklet?
Letzte Antwort von M199
Hi, Here is the latest Pro-tools update: New opportunities in the Opportunity Hub You can now open up nights that are blocked due to minimum length of stay settings (sandwich nights) and popular dates in bulk from the Opportunity Hub. We also did a s... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Scott
I hope those of you who were able to catch Brian’s preview of our Global Host Campaign enjoyed the films we premiered. I am proud of this campaign for many reasons, but mostly because it’s about you, and the magic that you create each and every day. Fo... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Yeneir0
J'espère que ceux d'entre vous qui ont pu voir l'aperçu de Brian de notre campagne mondiale pour les hôtes ont apprécié les vidéos que nous avons présentées. Je suis fière de cette campagne pour de nombreuses raisons, mais surtout parce qu'elle vous conce... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Pascale144
I had a guest reserve my unit for 1 month but the guest could not figure out how to checkin. The checkin instructions have been entered into the Airbnb system and they have been used by previous guests. I received a phone call from the guest while I was... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Marilynn11
Região eternizada por variadas expressões artísticas e consagrada nos diversos meios de comunicação, Ilheus se tornou, ao longo da historia da região da costa do cacau, o epicentro de cultura, gastronomia, religião tradicional e étnica, além dos recordes ... Erfahre mehr
Conheça o Brasil: Ilhéus e Costa do Cacau, Bahia
Letzte Antwort von Alex7045
Hello everyone, I hope you have had a good week. Our next social meetup will be taking place on Tuesday February 23rd, 9pm (UK time). This will still be very much a social community meetup as we know it, but we will also dedicate some time during... Erfahre mehr
[Meetup] February 23rd, 2021 - Community Social & HAB
Letzte Antwort von Bez8
Olá a todos, Obrigada a todos que se apresentaram ao Conselho Consultivo do Anfitrião (Host Advisory Board - HAB em inglês ) no início deste mês. Como estamos nos aproximando do final de fevereiro, tenho o prazer de compartilhar o próximo destaque e atual... Erfahre mehr