As many of you know, due to a "final straw" struggle with CS, I snoozed my listing indefinitely a couple weeks ago, but still had a few reservations to finish out. Well, my last few guests are a wonderful reminder of why I started hosting in the first pla... Erfahre mehr
An estimated 14 million visitors travel to Niagara, Ontario region every year, and most of them come to see the Falls. People visit us from all over the world: I think that all you need to do to belong here is show up. But there’s a hidden Niagara, one th... Erfahre mehr
[DISCOVER] Niagara, Canada
I hate to say this, but I have literally no complaints about anything Airbnb at all. Susan in Dublin is going to hate me for this. (Love you, Susan!) Got the usual assortment of cancellations. Those I had before May 31st got full refunds; the rest got ... Erfahre mehr
Info ueber regionale Sehenswuerdigkeiten in Erding, FreisLangsam laeuft der Tourismus ja wieder an,die Leute haben einfach Lust auf Urlaub. Viele Ausflugs- und Urlaubsziele sind aber noch unerreichbar,insb die im nicht europaeischen Ausland. Es ist a... Erfahre mehr
Entdecke Erding, Freising und die noerdliche Umgebung von München
We have been Airbnb hosts for the past 4 years. In the beginning, everything worked smoothly. But recently, Airbnb has continually sided with guests without speaking to us as a host. The most recent and troubling incident was a guest who made a false and ... Erfahre mehr
A Essaouira, tu reviendras... Aujourd'hui je vous emmène à la découverte de la Perle de l'Atlantique, Essaouira, ville fortifiée baignée par l'océan et déclarée Patrimoine Mondial par l'UNESCO. Comprendre l'Essaouira d'aujourd'hui c'est tout d'abord ... Erfahre mehr
Essaouira, le joyau de la côte atlantique marocaine.
You can’t make this stuff up, I kid you not. Just when you think the absurdity meter is maxed out, the recommendation to ignore all businesses July 7th unless they’re black-owned is at the bottom of the page which boldly states “Battling discrimination on... Erfahre mehr
Hello everyone, @Cathie19, @Lawrene0, @Robin4, @Melodie-And-John0, @Clara116, @Christine615, @Jessica-and-Henry0, @Ann72, @Kimberly29, @Roberta2, @Quincy, @Gordon0, @Sandra126, @Helen3, @Marissa107, @Wave-Autumn-Vine0, @Suzanne302, @Ann489, @Yadir... Erfahre mehr
[Meetup] Community Center Cooking together: July 15th
Feature request: please allow users to filter by TOTAL price —and— sort by TOTAL price. Also, you need to display the total price in the app as well as on the desktop searches. With fees varying so much, the listed price ends up meaning NOTHING anyway. Re... Erfahre mehr
A grande maioria de vocês teve que fazer uma pausa na hospedagem nos últimos meses por conta da pandemia. Após a flexibilização de algumas medidas restritivas, há pessoas planejando viajar e, com isso, anfitriões começando a se preparar para voltar a... Erfahre mehr
Como atualizar o seu anúncio para que seja atrativo para quem viaja agora?