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I have had just one review in the last 50 that wasn't 5 star, I have had a wonderful collection of guests stay in our listing cottage over the past few months. One guest couple even walked up the driveway with a bunch of flowers for Ade, a bottle of wine ... Erfahre mehr
Are we really all this unhappy?
Letzte Antwort von Robin4
Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know I'll be off for a week starting in a few hours as today I'm heading for my vaccination. I'm very excited to get a step closer to seeing my family and loved ones again, hopefully sooner rather than later. ... Erfahre mehr
Nick: I'll be away from the CC 3rd - 10th May
Letzte Antwort von Cathie19
Hallo Dutch Community Centre! Ik ben enorm enthousiast om hier te zijn. Ik ben al vier jaar actief op het Engelstalige community, maar toen ik in november 2020 vanuit Canada naar Nederland verhuisde, dacht ik dat ik even langs zou komen om mezelf voor te ... Erfahre mehr
Hallo iedereen in de Dutch Community Center!
Letzte Antwort von Alexandra316
Whoever said the guests now are worse than before Covid - is right.After a year-long pause, I am back to hosting. Yey. I had 5 groups of guests last month.group - 4 young guys. Left a mess behind.group - booked a month in advance, then rescheduled their... Erfahre mehr
Bonjour, Nous sommes nombreux à échanger sur le CC sur nos bonnes pratiques et nos idées autour du tourisme durable ; plus écologique, plus respectueux de l’environnement et plus en lien avec nos économies locales... Afin de mieux préparer la repri... Erfahre mehr
VISIO sur l'écologie et le tourisme durable
Letzte Antwort von Pascale144
Credit Thomas Cook"Oh, our Costa Brava, unmatched in the world! It is brave, smiling, fantastic and sweet, worked by the storms at the blow of waves like a high relief and embroidered with bonanza kisses with an exquisiteness of a patient nun for whom hou... Erfahre mehr
[Discover] Costa Brava, Catalonia
Letzte Antwort von Helen427
My place (which I hope to get up and going soon now that our community is allowing STR again) is a one room loft apartment. It is somewhat hard to show the space accurately in photos so I was going to include a floorplan to help people visualize the space... Erfahre mehr
How many include a floorplan in your listing photos?
Letzte Antwort von Dale711
Hi everyone, Bonjour, howdy and wilkommen! It's that time again: CC social! Some of you also took part in The Host Talk last week when we chatted about Sustainability. Unlike The Host Talk, the CC Social is a more casual and, well, social meetup. I... Erfahre mehr
[Meetup] May 14th: Community social
Credito fotografico: The Freedom story L'anno scorso, abbiamo annunciato la creazione di un nuovo Fondo della community per distribuire 10 milioni di dollari a organizzazioni locali nel corso del 2021, e prevediamo di portare avanti questa iniziativa anch... Erfahre mehr
Scopri il nuovo Fondo della community di Airbnb e vota subito per selezionare la tua organizzazione preferita
Letzte Antwort von Antonella78
Hola a todos, Cuando creamos un anuncio, todos elegimos un precio basado en varios criterios. Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo, tanto los cambios a nivel local, de área, como las reformas que hayas podido hacer en tu casa, pueden hacer que ese pr... Erfahre mehr
¿Con qué frecuencia revisas tus precios?
Letzte Antwort von Juan306