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Hi-- All Airbnb hosts should know that the Security Deposit touted by Airbnb is actually non-existent. It is a mirage constructed by Airbnb for the purpose of making hosts believe they are protected from damage caused by guests, when they are not.1. If y... Erfahre mehr
My account was suspended today because one guest gave me a fake name.I asked him to tell me his real name. He stopped communicating. He didn't arrive. Then he reported me.Under YOUR rules number 12.1, people must not lie, misrepresent or pretend to be som... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Laurelle3
How hard is this to create a toggle for pet fee? We have resort fees, laundry fees, management fees, but still no pet fee. Why is this?
Bonjour à tous, Je voudrais vous présenter un peu les alentours de la Casa Da Cabeça que je propose à la location au Portugal. Colline de Sao Miguel : Plongée sur la Ria Formosa & coucher de soleil Déjà la colline de Sao Miguel où se situe Casa Da Cabeç... Erfahre mehr
Autour de la colline de Sao Miguel (Portugal)
Letzte Antwort von Tarek63
Hey everyone, A few Hosts have been experimenting with selling extra amenities and services to guests - apart from the stay itself. This got me thinking and I’m curious to know if any of you have ever tried or thought about doing something similar. ... Erfahre mehr
Do you upsell any extra services?
Letzte Antwort von Chris15166
Hiya everyone, As some of you know, I’ve got a little one of my own and he can be a right handful, especially when balancing work, buying and selling a house and a plethora of other bits and pieces in the day-to-day. This got me to thinking, I won... Erfahre mehr
Are you a Host with children?
Letzte Antwort von Stephanie
Bonjour à tous, Nous avons tous des styles et des approches différentes lorsqu'il s'agit de communiquer, et c'est également le cas pour la communication avec vos voyageurs. Vous leur envoyez peut-être un message juste après le check-in afin de vérif... Erfahre mehr
Quel est le meilleur moment pour prendre des nouvelles de vos voyageurs ?
Letzte Antwort von Philippe1367
Hi everyone, As we all know, the high season in most cases is during the summer months, regardless of when that is based on your geographical location. Before that busy period, I can imagine several of you preparing for the many bookings to come, ... Erfahre mehr
While hosting, when do you take your holidays?
Letzte Antwort von Gordon0
Hoy, inspirado por la publicación de @Mauricio467 en el pasado Festival de la Hospitalidad, me gustaría pediros que compartáis esa experiencia en la que superasteis, la que a priori, era una situación comprometida y que a la postre se tradujo en una g... Erfahre mehr
Cuéntanos sobre una situación comprometida a la que le diste la vuelta y terminó siendo una gran evaluación.
Letzte Antwort von Mauricio467
Hi- We are new Airbnb owners and have relied on reviews to approve guests. After reading many conversations in this group and reading many reviews, it seems owners are reluctant to give a bad review of a guest. Unfortunately we had a bad rental, one that ... Erfahre mehr
Letzte Antwort von Andrew0