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As many of you know, due to a "final straw" struggle with CS, I snoozed my listing indefinitely a couple weeks ago, but still had a few reservations to finish out. Well, my last few guests are a wonderful reminder of why I started hosting in the first pla... seguir leyendo
An estimated 14 million visitors travel to Niagara, Ontario region every year, and most of them come to see the Falls. People visit us from all over the world: I think that all you need to do to belong here is show up. But there’s a hidden Niagara, one th... seguir leyendo
[DISCOVER] Niagara, Canada
I hate to say this, but I have literally no complaints about anything Airbnb at all. Susan in Dublin is going to hate me for this. (Love you, Susan!) Got the usual assortment of cancellations. Those I had before May 31st got full refunds; the rest got ... seguir leyendo
Info ueber regionale Sehenswuerdigkeiten in Erding, FreisLangsam laeuft der Tourismus ja wieder an,die Leute haben einfach Lust auf Urlaub. Viele Ausflugs- und Urlaubsziele sind aber noch unerreichbar,insb die im nicht europaeischen Ausland. Es ist a... seguir leyendo
Entdecke Erding, Freising und die noerdliche Umgebung von München
Hello everyone, @Cathie19, @Lawrene0, @Robin4, @Melodie-And-John0, @Clara116, @Christine615, @Jessica-and-Henry0, @Ann72, @Kimberly29, @Roberta2, @Quincy, @Gordon0, @Sandra126, @Helen3, @Marissa107, @Wave-Autumn-Vine0, @Suzanne302, @Ann489, @Yadir... seguir leyendo
[Meetup] Community Center Cooking together: July 15th
Feature request: please allow users to filter by TOTAL price —and— sort by TOTAL price. Also, you need to display the total price in the app as well as on the desktop searches. With fees varying so much, the listed price ends up meaning NOTHING anyway. Re... seguir leyendo
Hi all, In the summer the weather grows warmer, the days get longer, and the sun shines brighter. Though these aren’t the only certainties. For example, in Greece, you can expect a few things you will experience no matter what. Images you see from yo... seguir leyendo
Most common summer habits in your area
Vue du Roc d’enfer depuis le lac de Vallon C'est par un beau jour d'été 2007 que pour la première fois je remonte, en vélo, la vallée du Brevon depuis Thonon. Ce fut le coup de foudre immédiat. Hameaux perchés sur les hauteurs, petits villages ou le temps... seguir leyendo
À la découverte de Bellevaux
Bonjour à tous, Il était temps de se lancer un nouveau défi sous la forme d'un jeu, un peu différent cette fois-ci. Beaucoup d'entre vous ont voyagé, à travers le monde ou votre propre pays. Continuons de partir aux quatre coins du globe ensemble. ... seguir leyendo
[JEU] Où est-ce ?
After reading the new enhanced cleaning protocol and subsequently passing the quiz, I have since read the more in depth version and decided that taking down and cleaning my 3 sets of very heavy 10 ft long curtains for cleaning & sanitising will be too muc... seguir leyendo