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Soaking rains up the East coast of Australia have brought an end to the bushfire crisis we have been experiencing.Although a bit patchy much of the east coast has received between 30 to 150mm (1 1/4 to 6 inches) of rain, and more is forecast over the next... seguir leyendo
Without our knowledge or authorization, an Airbnb Agent gave out our lockbox/key code to a guest HOURS before check in time. The Airbnb Agent accessed the code by retrieving a previous inbox message sent to the prior guest. And although we reset the key c... seguir leyendo
Hi everyone, As well as New Year’s resolutions, we may also choose to set specific goals when it comes to both work and personal life. Hosting often meshes those two parts of life together so when we succeed it’s a double whammy of positivity! But we have... seguir leyendo
Heute (18.01.2020) war Vera mit mir am Starnberger See. Sommerbild vom Starnberger See, Berg am SeeDas Wetter war nicht ausflugstauglich, im Gegensatz zum Bild im Hotel dort, aber wirwollten auch nicht ausspannen sondern einen Freund besuchen, der vor ein... seguir leyendo
Hi, i have this situation, hopefully anyone can help me. I have a guest that should checkout at 10am therefore i sent cleaner to clean at 10.30. When cleaner arrive, nobody in the apartment but all their belonging still there all over the place. So i cont... seguir leyendo
Hello everyone, We haven't had a poll in the Community Center for a while, so we thought it was about time and I'm quite intrigued to see the results! The Product Team would love to hear your feedback relating to the guest email messaging feature. This is... seguir leyendo
Hallo zusammen, Wie viele von euch begeistern sich für Technologie? Ich habe in diesem von @Veronica-and-Richard0 erstellten Thread über verschiedene Möglichkeiten gelesen, wie man Dinge im Haus automatisieren kann! Es gibt Geräte, die ihr mit eurer Stimm... seguir leyendo
Olá pessoal, Eu estou de volta em terras londrinas após minhas férias em Portugal e Brasil e, de volta as minhas atividades aqui na comunidade! Fica aqui meu agradecimento ao meu amigo @Sergi por ter cuidado das coisas por aqui nos dias em que eu estava a... seguir leyendo
Hi everybody, How many of you are tech-savvy members? Well, I have read here in the Community Center here about a number of different ways to automatise things in your home, for example temperatures in a listing (both heating and cooling). There are also ... seguir leyendo
Hola a todos, ¿Cuántos de vosotros sois expertos en tecnología? Bueno, he leído aquí en el Centro de la Comunidad más de un hilo acerca de diferentes maneras de automatizar las cosas en vuestra casa, por ejemplo, la temperatura en un hogar (tanto calefacc... seguir leyendo