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I have had just one review in the last 50 that wasn't 5 star, I have had a wonderful collection of guests stay in our listing cottage over the past few months. One guest couple even walked up the driveway with a bunch of flowers for Ade, a bottle of wine ... read more
Are we really all this unhappy?
Latest reply by Robin4
My place (which I hope to get up and going soon now that our community is allowing STR again) is a one room loft apartment. It is somewhat hard to show the space accurately in photos so I was going to include a floorplan to help people visualize the space... read more
How many include a floorplan in your listing photos?
Latest reply by Dale711
Hi everyone, Bonjour, howdy and wilkommen! It's that time again: CC social! Some of you also took part in The Host Talk last week when we chatted about Sustainability. Unlike The Host Talk, the CC Social is a more casual and, well, social meetup. I... read more
[Meetup] May 14th: Community social
Hola a todos, Cuando creamos un anuncio, todos elegimos un precio basado en varios criterios. Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo, tanto los cambios a nivel local, de área, como las reformas que hayas podido hacer en tu casa, pueden hacer que ese pr... read more
¿Con qué frecuencia revisas tus precios?
Latest reply by Juan306
Olá pessoal, Sabemos que muitos anfitriões deixam algum mimo para receber seus hóspedes. Mas eu notei que na maioria das vezes em que eu me hospedei em um Airbnb, eu também encontrei algo que foi deixado por outros hóspedes e que o anfitrião manteve no es... read more
Latest reply by Jully4
Hallo zusammen, Ich möchte heute die Geschichte meines Kollegen @Quincy mit euch teilen, der auch vor einiger Zeit Airbnb-Gastgeber war : "An einem regnerischen Abend in Edinburgh fuhr ich mit dem Bus zu meinem Freund, der gerade vor ein paar Mon... read more
Teilt die Geschichte, wann ihr euch entschieden habt, Gastgeber zu werden
Latest reply by Quincy
Bonjour à tous, J'espère que vous avez une bonne semaine, et que le week-end s'annonce sous le soleil Aujourd'hui j'aimerai parler avec vous d'un sujet qui a été traité avec beaucoup d'attention : la réservation instantanée. Certain la trouvent pr... read more
[Sondage] La réservation instantanée
We have been hosting various rooms in our home for more than 4 years and have enjoyed an average of 4.99 Star ratings as well as over 600 extremely positive reviews. We finally experienced the bad review situation. Not just bad but libelous as well. The g... read more
Latest reply by Helen744
Bonjour, Depuis quelques temps c'est vraiment à chaque jour sa peine sur Airbnb... C'est fatiguant Je vous raconte et j'attends votre opinion sur la question J'ai une personne qui avait réservé chez moi une nuit il y a quelques mois, pendant la courte p... read more
Latest reply by Flori7
Il 10 maggio del 1944 arrivò ad Alghero Antoine de Saint-Exupèry l'autore del "Piccolo Principe" che nel 2017 ha superato il numero di 300 traduzioni in lingue diverse, è il romanzo più tradotto se si escludono quelli religiosi. Durante la seconda guerra ... read more
Latest reply by Alessandro877