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I got thinking about all the hosts who have said their guests never bothered to read house rules or policies on their listing.This is an ongoing issue that I think can be fixed with the implementation of an “Accept” or “Decline” button for reading and agr... read more
Latest reply by Harvin0
Nous connaissons tous la célèbre comptine... Mais connaissez-vous réellement la ville de Foix ? Voici un petit avant-goût de ce que vous pourrez découvrir dans cette cité médiévale au cœur de l'Ariège... En espérant vous mettre l'eau à la bouche et vou... read more
Il était une fois, dans la ville de Foix...
Latest reply by Marine376
I live in Darwin, in the Top End of Australia. North Australia is expecting a big upcoming Wet Season, as we are currently on a La Nina weather alert (70%). So my heart goes out to my fellow hosts @Gina383 who are currently in the path of Hurricane Sa... read more
Sending positive to all being affected by Hurricane Sally.
Latest reply by Nick
Have just come out of 6 weeks of re-paving work and now I am into something else! These lounge chairs have been a real hit with guests.....of course they don't belong in a garden, they are not outside chairs, they are lounge chairs, but I built an area ar... read more
I'm a sucker for a project
Latest reply by Quincy
Hello everyone, As we continue hosting, we get a lot of guests from different places (wherever the regulations allow). Every guest that visits you probably has a certain plan on what they want to do when booking your place. Having said the above mad... read more
Do you host any repeat guests?
Latest reply by Jack1653
Hallo zusammen, Grünes in den eigenen vier Wänden zu haben, ist sehr beliebt, aber funktioniert das auch innerhalb einer Airbnb Unterkunft? Pflanzen tragen definitiv dazu bei, dem Ort ein positives Gefühl zu geben und die Stimmung zu verbessern. We... read more
Pflanzen in eurer Unterkunft
Hi everyone, We haven’t had a game for a while, and I thought this one would be apt: in these times, we’re not travelling so much or so far, but what better opportunity to reminisce on our past adventures and have a bit of fun travelling virtually? ... read more
GAME: Where in the world?
Latest reply by Emilia42
Thank you @Debra300 and @Sarah977 for your kind words. Our fierce little Papillon, Ben Ben, was 16 years old and weighed less than 5 pounds when he died peacefully in his sleep this evening. He was with me and my oldest daughter, his favorite person in ... read more
RIP to a beloved pet
Hola a todos. Muchos de vosotros cometáis el esfuerzo y el cariño que ponéis para hacer que vuestros huéspedes se sientan cómodos, que sientan que vuestro hogar es un lugar especial y, en caso de visitar de nuevo vuestra área, no duden en volver a el... read more
¿Qué es lo que esperas que los huéspedes se lleven de estar en tu casa?
A Essaouira les hôteliers sont heureux de voir arriver leur premier touriste étranger depuis des mois…. le bruit des valises fait revivre l’âme de la belle ville côtière connue pour ses doux hivers. Premiers voyageurs arrivés à Casablanca par avion en pro... read more
Latest reply by Miloud0