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As part of the help and support to hosts announced by Brian Chesky yesterday, one of the initiatives announced was that Airbnb will be sending emails to previous recent guests, asking them to consider making a contribution to the host they stayed with. I ... read more
Image added by OCM This was a post I made on a social media platform that had really positive response. So I am thought I would share with this community in hopes that its helpful and resonates with this group as well. Its been a few weeks of the comp... read more
Even though I've blocked my diary I just got a call from a potential guest who lives about an hour from me wanting to book a 2 day pleasure trip this week so he could get away from his mum. I had to have a very honest conversation with him about the real... read more
Wenn ihr nächstens wieder Nachschub an Gäste-Klopapier kaufen müsst, beachtet bitte, dass am 1. April 2020 folgende Neuregelung in Kraft tritt: Wer im Supermarkt Klopapier kaufen möchte, muss unaufgefordert die entsprechende Menge an leeren Rollen mit auf... read more
Hello, I thought I would start this thread for people who are interested in reading any media coverage specifically related to Airbnb and the COVID-19 pandemic. It might be useful to have these in one place for people to browse. I'll start this off with a... read more
First I have to say that I am a little gobsmacked by the hosts complaining about not getting full cancellation fees. Every guest we had reservations for April and May has cancelled. Why on Earth would I want to charge people a fee for either obeying tra... read more
Do you have the feeling this is our CEO........ Every day we are confronted with a new revelation. Every day puts new doubts in our minds. But, I have found the last month to be really stress free. I have been able to spend some time with my kids and 'g... read more
Last week, we held another series of global listening sessions to hear your recommendations, make sure your feedback is taken into account, and give you another way to directly connect with us and one another. This kind of face-to-face communication is al... read more
Here's a thought just trying to be constructive. Like many of you, I was taught long ago by a business mentor, "Pay people what they are worth, or they will take it from you." The recent cancellation policy changes (against our will), value all of us who... read more
... am blocking off the entire months of April and May. I've also paused my peerspace listing and cancelled a $580 upcoming booking there. I was upset that airbnb was cancelling my bookings a few weeks ago. Now, I'm glad they did. This virus is serious. ... read more