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Hiya everyone, As some of you know, I’ve got a little one of my own and he can be a right handful, especially when balancing work, buying and selling a house and a plethora of other bits and pieces in the day-to-day. This got me to thinking, I won... read more
Are you a Host with children?
Latest reply by Stephanie
How hard is this to create a toggle for pet fee? We have resort fees, laundry fees, management fees, but still no pet fee. Why is this?
Hi- We are new Airbnb owners and have relied on reviews to approve guests. After reading many conversations in this group and reading many reviews, it seems owners are reluctant to give a bad review of a guest. Unfortunately we had a bad rental, one that ... read more
Latest reply by Andrew0
Bonjour à tous, Beaucoup d'entre vous le savent, j'adore parler cuisine, passer du temps aux fourneaux, et bien sûr manger. Ceci-dit, entre le temps passé au travail et le reste des choses à faire chaque jour, je me retrouve parfois le soir sans ins... read more
Qu'y a-t-il au menu ce soir ?
Cari host, buona settimana!Il nostro appuntamento del lunedì per condividere pensieri e suggerimenti su come diventare host più "smart" è tornato!Questa volta mi piacerebbe molto confrontare le esperienze di chi ha cambiato le proprie foto da immagin... read more
#LunedìHosting | Le immagini professionali fanno davvero la differenza?
Latest reply by Donatella26
Ciao a tutti vorrei sapere cosa ne pensate della mia casa? Grazie per i consigli    
Patrizia | Cosa pensi del mio alloggio La casa nel cortile?
Latest reply by Roberta380
Hi Airbnb,I would strongly recommend you to make a campaign towards guests and hosts about best practise messaging. I have just experienced requests from guests who make me uncomfortable hosting them because of bad practise messaging.One was from a Dane w... read more