Holding a Reservation with Instant Book

Holding a Reservation with Instant Book

I have a guest who previously stayed with us that is looking to stay again! They are looking for one of the busiest weekends in the town, and I have instant book on. I held the dates as unavailable for the moment to allow them to decide and hoped that they would put in a request for those dates and I could approve the request. But the dates are held and unavailable so they can't even do that. 


Worried about unblocking the dates and someone swooping in with Instant Book before the guests we know can book. Is there a way to share the dates with the guest? Any other tips? 

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@Emiel1 is the expert on all things to do with settings on the site, so you might do well to follow that advice.


However, in similar circumstances, I do the same as @Helen744 and @Helen56 . I say I can block the dates for X amount of time. When you are are ready to book, I can open them, but please do book within that time frame, otherwise someone else could instant book some of those dates and then there will be nothing I can do about it. It always works!

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There is a trick for it by using a ruleset, only possible if you use "professional tools".


- Let the guest sent you a inquiry ("contact the host" on the listing) for any other date which is available.

- Now you should be able to sent the guest a special offer ("special offer" button should be available)

- Create a rule set with a min. stay 1 night longer then the time period guest wants to stay.

- Block the date following on the time period guest wants to stay.

- open the dates the guest wants to stay and apply the created rule set: the calender will show "minimum stay", so nobody can book those dates, as minimum stay set is longer then the available time period.

- Sent the guest by special offer the booking they want (you can do this as a host, as in the special offer form the minimum stay setting is ignored)

- The guest can accept the special offer, make payment and the reservation is confirmed.

- unblock the date following the reservation

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Message the guests and say:  I've been holding xxx dates for you as promised, but can't hold them without confirmation much longer.  Just to let you know that I'll be opening up those dates on Monday xx at 3pm.  Hope you decide to come and stay with me again, looking forward to catching up.

I think the only option would be to turn off Instant Book and open the reserved dates. Let me know if anyone thinks of anything else!

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@Alexandra1615 simply tell the guest that you wish a certain time that they must be prepared to book and open the dates at that time. H

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