How to set noise expectations?

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How to set noise expectations?



I am planning to start being a host and host my basement suite in my house. I am wondering where in the listing should you manage noise expectations. I know for a guest you can put the quiet hours in your house rules.


What I am looking for is to let guests know what they can expect in terms of us "hosts" noise level.  We are no Strech loud or noisy, but this is a basement suite, and you will hear of course walking around, probably us making breakfast (I usually do a smoothie in the morning, but this is usually not before 7am) and finally the big thing is we have a toddler who will be running around dropping things.


Maybe I am making too much of this, but I lived in apartments before, and I have seen people complain of people walking around too loudly, kids being too loud, and this is during the daytime (like "the upstairs neighbor's kid are dropping things on the floor or walking loudly around at 2 in the afternoon and that disturbs me.....I want them punished).


I assume these kinds of people who are super sensitive to noise will also go on vacation and since they don't have the understanding that when you live in a condo surrounded by hundreds of people you are going to hear noises, I can just see they won't understand how it is in a basement suite.


At the same time, I don't want to scare people away from my listings by them thinking we are super noisy, and they won't get a moment worth of sleep (by 10pm it probably will be dead quiet in the house) during their stay.



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Welcome to the forum.  You will learn a lot about hosting and guest relations here.  There is a wealth of knowledge to be found by using the Search function at the top of the page, and if you've not already done so you should read Airbnb's Terms of Service and bookmark the Help Centre.  It is written in simple language and it covers many of the common questions and topics regarding policies and listing setup and maintenance.

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@Michael7015  I rent my basement apt and I am very cognizant of noise traveling with just  2 adults above. 

So, when I have guests, believe it or not, I don’t grind my coffee in kitchen but go to top level of my house because the grinder is loud. And a blender is even louder.


It really depends on the type of traveller you’re hosting. For me, if I was working remotely, a toddler running around all day, dropping things, crying, screaming, etc, is a place I would not select.

However, if I’m vacationing and out all day, every day normal noises throughout the upper level of the house would not bother me at all. 

Now with that in mind, you could have a simple statement in your house rules that says, “Family lives above, so expect everyday normal noises. However, if your plans are to work remotely during the day, our place may not be a good fit for you.” This way, guests know in advance what to expect. 


Have a friend spend the night in your basement and advise you of what they hear.  Then convey this to your guests in the "Potential for Noise".


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