Airbnb app not showing latest messages and new trip booked...

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Airbnb app not showing latest messages and new trip booked...

My account ont he desktop shows everything up to date but the app on the iphone does not show new messages and a trip I booked on desktop... I have deleted the app, reinstalled, several times and still not resolve. Please assist. Thanks.


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Did you reach out to Airbnb support to tell them of your technical issues? The community center is a group of hosts and guests that share info but not Airbnb support. There are community managers that moderate the boards and flag relevant issues and send them to the right teams.


@Bhumika @Paula @Rebecca could you send this to the right team to address the tech issues for the app for this guest? Thx!

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Hi there @S196


Just wanted to check before I raise a bug issue, have you signed in with the same credentials on both your phone and your desktop please? If not, try logging out of both and then signing in with the same details, either via email/facebook or your other sign in methods. 


@Lorina14 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 😊  



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@S196 might want to check your notification settings on the App to be sure they are turned on? See this previous thread:


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