Can guests see their star ratings?

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Can guests see their star ratings?

I'd  like to leave honest feedback regarding a guest.  I realize the text of a review follows a guest, but how about their star rating?


Do guests see the stars given to them, in addition to the review?  Who else sees the star ratings of a guest? If I give the guest less than perfect stars, will the guest know that the star rating came from me?  How will the guest be impacted if I give less than 5 stars?

How about the thumbs up or down - who sees that and will it be traced back to me?





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Isn't the article great!

In the drift of educating guests about the 5 star rating system (get less and get a whupping!) I'm still in the very early observation phase of what effect the print version of the article hung nonchalantly on my bookcase in vicinity of the guest space will have...


And to your question about whether Airbnb admin has anybody reading this forum:

There seems to be somebody (Louise?) who looks at posts and makes sure there are no personal data included, but I seriously doubt any of the frequent pet peeves we hosts address ever climb up the post to the youngsters making the decisions.

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Yes, they can see it and it's posted on their public profile.



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@Michael6934  you can see on the guest profile the star ratings of the guest that you had but I can not see in the public profile  the individual star rating that each host gives to the guest

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LoL. Could you imagine if hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and sales people started rating the guests? That's ridiculous. This shows the difference between the hospitality industry and airbnb. In hotels, they provide hospitality. You are the guest, its an honor to serve you, and even when we all know that the guest is a complete douche bag, we show that we value you as a person and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Airbnb is a place to stay.  Hosts aren't expected to provide hospitality. 

I disagree. I live in my house with my guests and respect is a two way street. I go above and beyond in hospitality but I will not tolerate disrespect. 

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@Jenna346  Yes, I could imagine it.  The world would be a much better place if guests/restaurant customers were also rated.  


There is no question that I, personally, am a better guest when I stay in Airbnbs because I know I'll be rated.  And that likely holds true for most other people too.  It's called being held accountable.  And being held accountable is a great thing for society.  


And as much as we hosts love serving and hosting, it's not exactly "an honor."  It's a privilege on both sides.  And said "honor" certainly dissipates when the guest is awful.  And if a guest is awful, they should be told about it.  Publicly.  And it should have a negative downstream affect on that bad person so they are less likely to be awful to others going forward.  

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I am a seldom airbnb user/guest. My first time was in VC, Canada and had a wonderful experience and I believe I wrote a great review about my experience. I did NOT know hosts review on their guest existed until few moments ago...  I had my only other airbnb experience (s) in Nov2020 which was supposed to be a birthday excursion that was fine until my last day. Apparently, there was a huge misunderstanding between the host and myself. I had contacted the host before making a reservation to make sure I had the place for 3 nights checking in Wed night and checking out on Saturday morning. I had already curved out activities for each day and so on Friday morning, I was off to my Bike ride tour kind of far into the woods where getting phone reception was difficult. During one of our rest time, I checked my phone only to discover more than dozen of missed calls (from a number I did not recognize) and later after having talked to the host found a voice message. Seeing it was the same number with an area code of where I was staying, I was a bit freaked out and called the number. The host sounded angry that I did not answer his calls and asked I immediately return and check out from the place. I was totally confused and tried to explain that my check out date was not until the next morning. He said that I was wrong... I tired to take him back to the exchange of messages we had before I booked including a phone call to no avail. When I asked if I could extend my stay for one more night, he said that he already had the room booked with other guests and my belongings will be placed for me in their storage room and to let them know when I return. I had enjoyed the place in every way for the two nights I had been there (even though I had no contact with the owners), but that last day I did not see it coming in any way. When I finally arrived at the place, I had to wait for about 30 min or so (I don't really recall but they did not come right away even though I gave them ample time of when I was going to be there after our last rest area. I called once before starting my drive to the place from the bike store and they said someone will be waiting for me there. I waited for about 15 min for so before I called again...  I never knew what eviction felt like other than seeing the brokenness people felt going through it due to life circumstances in movies, but I felt the tinge of it that day... my belongings were stuffed in black garbage bags in unpleasant manner (I am very picky about my things and like keeping things neatly folded even then putting them in bags)... felt like a homeless person for a bit at that moment. Slowly but sadly put my things in order in my luggage and headed out to find another airbnb room for the night. My conversation the the wife was not pleasant either. She actually tried to scare me pulling "talk to our lawyer card" unnecessarily.  I was just trying to have few days of peaceful and joyful time with nature taking a break from a busy Mon to Fri job in remembrance of my born day... 

It was really hard to find something on the spot at that time and I had to cancel one (lost the booking money) coz I felt kind of unsafe driving in the neighborhood that I am not unfamiliar with in the dusk... So, booked another one which was an inn in one of the major streets, which I did not was an inn until I got here... I am sorry if I am boring you with my story... I don't recall if I had done a rating on the host, but I did have an extensive conversation with the airbnb customer service. 

Tonight, I made a reservation just for one night, but some 15 or so minutes later, I got a message from the host saying, "I'm sorry😭 we have to be super picky our neighborhood doesn't like us having air bnb. I'm sorry you got an unfair review If that's the case 😕 I'm so sorry!."  I was truly confused due to the mixed message. When I asked what review she was referring to, the host was kind enough to tell me the location of my last stay and I instantly knew what she was referring to.  I understand that hosts look at other hosts review of guests just like as prospective guest, I like reading other guest's review of a place before I book one. As most do I am sure, what I am looking for is a reasonably comfortable accommodation that is clean and safe. The rest of the goodies are extra. When reading negative reviews, I try to see them objectively if the person reviewing is being reasonable or just saying things especially when there are several good reviews. I know I don't have a lot of experience that host may not have much to look for, but I would have appreciated it if she would have asked what happened to afford me some benefit of doubt instead of instantly writing me off like that reading one negative review. I have yet to see what it says. Maybe one of you could help me find it. Would you? Thank you. But I want to say to our hosts, please talk to your prospective guests to get to know them a little better before making a hasty decision. I know life is busy and sometimes we get caught up running busy with the business of running a business, which I believe is not an easy task. But a little kindness could go a very long way especially in this time and age. We really do not know who people are until we give them a chance. People with open heart had entertained angles unknowingly, because they were open enough to extend the same kindness that they would want for themselves. Thanks again for your time and wish both the travelers and hosts a blessed experience! 

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Hi @Hanna1999 

Most of booking info and communication is done though the app and confirmation emails. So it looks like there would be room for improvement on all sides, guest, host and Airbnb to try and minimize any minunderstandings like this. 

I've only had one guest think they had an extra night. They were also first time guest and on their honeymoon. They did answer when I phoned and were so nice and cute, the wife apologized. I suggested they contact Airbnb as they could be accommodating. But think they already did, as they rushed back to be out within an hour of check out as host can charge for an extra night after that. 

From your post it seems you like to call people and not read anything or message, as you didn't mention messages at all, although a lot of guest may try to respond to a text message notification and get the error message you have to sign in. I did that several times when I first started hosting. 


Moving forward you can send future host an inquiry first and explain it was an honest mistake you thought you had booked an extra night. 

As far as stuffing all your things into trash bags and being rude that is unnecessary. I think you simply didn't understand how to navigate the platform as you also didn't leave a review, and demonstrates you also aren't the vindictive petty type, and this wasn't something intentional. 

Most host also send a message the day before check out, include check in and out times and dates in the first message, and have check out info posted on a stand in the rental unit. 

As mentioned send an inquiry, say you have fully read the listing description, assure them you will continue to be clean and respectful, etc. You can also resend to reviews within a time frame. 


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Jillian and John thank you so much for your feedback. Having read your comments have given me so much insight into what happened in the past and what I could do differently in the future. There is always something good that come out of our not so pleasant experiences & so I take what seems a negative one with a grain of salt...


Gillian, thank you for sharing what the host review said about me. I believe that we all learn from each other's experience in sharing & I've learned a lot from what you wrote, thank you. Nonetheless, I felt like some of what you said came out as a little bit assuming of my character without really knowing much about what really happened. Still the constructive things you said made me rethink about the event & so I'll try to shade a little bit light...


John, thank you so much for your comments which actually caused me to check back that particular booking and reread the message string we had then with the host. I was having some challenge with the booking and had contacted the host. I told him that I wanted to book three nights from Nov 4th to Nov 6th, but Airbnb was showing me that the 4th wasn't available but the 5th&6th were. The host gave me a phone number to call directly & that they would help me book the 4th directly & I could book the other 2 nights. I honestly don't recall if I had called him, but he had asked me to try once more. So I closed all browsers & relogged into Airbnb & tried to book again. This time it worked & I booked supposedly for 3 nights. I admit that I didn't read the detail to note my check out date was on the 6th, not the 7th as I wanted. This I noticed after the fact... I heavily relied on my conversations with the host, which was assuming of me. My fault for sure.

Looking back at the message exchange string, there wasn't any reminder that my check out was that morning on Friday. Nevertheless, that is still on me. And so I went very far from the place I was staying at (I believe I left before 8 am). I was out in a bike tour deep into the woods & coastal beach areas that I missed the host's repeated phone calls. By the time I looked at my phone during one of our quick rest, it was well after 1 pm (well past the check out time). The rest is as I told you. Granted I'm at fault for missing the check out date/time, but there was NO issue at all until the moment I failed to check out on time as I should. But I do not think it's fair to paint me as "a guest rule breaker" to affect my future with prospective Airbnb hosts. Our conversation could have gone differently after I answered the phone, but the host was really angry for obvious reason.


The morning of my trip, my home of origin went into full fledged war with a northern region of the country (northern Ethiopia), which later was realized as Tigray Genocide, which is still continuing day 604 & counting. Initially I thought it would blow away by the time I got back & things would be normal. But normal has yet to come... What happened with my Airbnb experience was not big on my mind at that time that I didn't rate the host. But had I known about the review, I would have at least responded. Where do guests go to view their rating by hosts?


@John5097 prior to reading your comment, I tried to disclose my situation with a short explanation with my booking request when trying to book for Airbnb lodging for my upcoming trip to Canada in few weeks, but got rejected the same night I learned about the negative review that got me denied my attempt to book for one night stay for tonight actually. But I was fortunate to find a great couple hosts who took a chance on me & they have been wonderful every step of the way. Thank you for your insightful & helpful feed back. While what happened is unfortunate, I won't let that deter me from trying to enjoy Airbnb experience, coz it feels like home as opposed to a hotel room. Thank you both & wish you the best with your hosting. 




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Thanks for the update and for sharing some of your life experiences as its really interesting to learn from all the guest and host from around the world. Guest or host don't have to leave a review, it doesn't make you look bad at all, IMO. 


From a host point of view it can be stressful if guest check out late as it needs to be cleaned for the next guest, but if host don't make the dates clear in their messages, send any kind of reminder, or have a note posted, they should expect a few guest to get their dates mixed up. Its not unusual for guest to book the wrong nights.

I'm so glad you were able to find another host that is being so helpful. That's what really makes it work, and very rewarding for host and guest.

You could also try reaching out to the last host again and asking them if they would consider contacting Airbnb and having their review removed. You could just say it was an honest mistake and they could set up an automated message to be sent the day before check out reminding guest of their check out time and instructions. I wouldn't even expect them to respond but might be worth a try.

You could even try contacting CS. They usually don't remove reviews and this one doesn't seem to violate their review guidelines, except checking out late may not be considered breaking house rules. Also its against Airbnb policy for host to have guest book off platform and all communication is supposed to be on the ABB messages. Its mostly to protect guest from being scammed. So if the host asked you to contact them off platform and have that in the message thread you could report that and that they tried to get you to book off platform which caused the confusion. 

A host with 11 listings shouldn't be doing any of that and should have a check out message sent the day before check out. It sounds like they don't do that because they are getting guest to book off platform which is causing confusion. 

Good luck and so glad you are having a great experience with you new host! 

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Thank you John for your kind words and sharing as well. This truly has been a great learning experience. I will know better on what I should and should not do going forward. I did have a great experience last week at the place I stayed. I wish it was a bit longer tho... Looking at the back and forth conversation I had with the host, it sure was an innocent misunderstanding. I did reach out to the host before I saw your comment, but I am not sure if they see new messages on the old message string. The below was part of the conversation that went on. But it will be find. Some hosts will turn me down and some will take a chance on me like the couple did last week... so I will need to take it as it comes and go from there. I am not sharing a bit about the negative review when requesting booking so they know a bit of my side and still some will turn me down, which is alright... by the way, I just saw the reviews I wrote under my profile and I did say something about it, but I did not go into great detail. Had I seen the host's comment, I probably would have shared some of the conversation string so people could see it. We really had a great communication going back and forth until my last night (as the 5th of Nov was my born day and they had given me great info about where to eat and go...). They did not send me a reminder when my check out was... clear & timely communication does make a huge difference. My hosts (a couple) last week were so in communicating - they send me a reminder of my upcoming trip, they checked on me the day of, and then had reminder of my check out. I had a great conversation esp with the wife and I am so glad they took a chance on me. Though I stayed one night, I learned some great things on health practices that I would not have otherwise, had I not met this wonderful couple. It is all good. Thanks again for sharing with me. I am sure there will be tons of learning always so long as we have a breath with in us. I am trying to book a two week stay in Canada for my upcoming trip in August and I hope that I will find someone who would take a chance on me :)! Thanks again and wish you the best in being a host! 

Pacific12:45 PM
For November 04, 2020 - you can contact us direct to make a separate reservation.
For november forth
Hanna12:50 PM
I'm not understanding tho why I'm not able to reserve for all 3 nights, Nov 4th to 6th at the same time. Last time I used Airbnb, the host was able to add available dates to my reservation. Since I've not made the reservation yet, I thought it would be easier to do it.
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your review says:
"Hanna doesn't follow the house rules & didn't checkout easily"

It's actually not that bad. I'm curious why you didn't leave a review for the host? That doesn't look good for you either i'm afraid.

you haven't mentioned the obvious part: it's very clear in the app what dates your reservation is for, so how did you think you had the Friday night booked?  On check out day you will receive messages from ABB and presumably the host too, did you have a legitimate booking, or not?  

Even if another host were to open a dialogue with you, what is your excuse? you thought you had a reservation for another night? So, you don't read? yikes, this is one of most hosts' biggest gripes: that guests don't read the listing. I recommend you say you were a complete newbie and just stuffed up, instead of anything happy clappy about wanting hosts to "just be nice" and bend to your world (warning: this sounds like Entitled Millenial language). 

You not knowing how things work is understandable, but also this suggests you aren't going to read the house rules, or pay much attention to any host special instructions. If I have an ABB newbie I will often add a few extra lines into my messaging just to help them navigate the process. 

You can come back from this but you'll have to book somewhere that is more generic, to get your next 5* review to offset this first one.  


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I would very much like for an AIRBNB employee to assure us that a guest cannot see their rating.  It would be very helpful for other hosts to know if they are terrible at communicating or were disrespectful - without the fear of them coming. back and "punishing" the host in some way.  Does Airbnb ever monitor these conversations? lt appears that this has been a persistent question now for 3 or so years. I just found a pile of sticky caked forks and knives mixed with the clean silverware.  I don't feel like publicly shaming the guest but want to warn future hosts; an honest star rating of the guest would be great.  I will post a sign for future guests to please wash their dishes. 

Oh! and regarding stripping the beds - I ask my guests to not do this so if there is a stain of some sort left behind, I can easily see it and get it treated before popping them into the laundry.  

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Hiya @Eileen58 ,


Thanks for your question. When a host leaves a guest a review and rating, only the review is shown when it is published to their profile which is 14 days after the stay is completed. I do hope that clears this up for you!





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I'll leave this here, the only comment I feel worth adding is that  it was from another  Host.

Obviously not a Forbes reader.  3 stars.

Annotation 2020-02-12 221720.jpg

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For me It's simple to be a great guest.  But maybe there's a misunderstanding about cleaning.  As a host I view the cleaning fee being applied to preparing the place and making sure all the details are just so to impress guests when they walk through the door. It's not a maid service after they leave. You don't have to leave it immaculate,  most guest are great but sometimes not so respectful or hygienic. Because of the later that's why there are rules in my book.


I had a recent guest that left days of food scraps all over the kitchen and living room, thick bacon grease caked onto the stove and walls, cereal and chocolate in the couch, stains on the LV rug, whiskers and shaving cream on the bathroom floor & walls....that was insulting and gross - and cleaners charge more for that.


Do you think that hosts should be responsible for personal messes. Where is the line???


As a guest and a host I always take the sheets off the bed and towels and put them in a pile.  I sweep up any food, wipe counters, wash the dishes and remove hair from drains and sinks. I do this at home, at friends houses and at abnb's – out of habit and good manners.


I think If you leave the place like you'd leave your house and take care of your food mess and hygiene debris – your a dream guest. Thoughts? This is a great question– thanks!



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Very late in the game here, but this is still a valid and active question.  From what I have come to understand, guests can *not* see their own star ratings.  I happen to think this is a very good thing.  I have left some good reviews in the narrative, but have sometimes knocked a guest down on star ratings because they did something minor, like left trash in the room or left an hour past checkout, but it wasn't serious enough to hurt them in the narrative for all to see.


There have also been a very small number of cases where I left very low star ratings and the people were local or could have conceivably come back to the house and tried to start something.  Granted, that was very rare, but in those cases I gave a bland narrative review and then hit them heavy on the low stars.  In those cases, I am glad they could not see the star ratings.

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That seems rather unfair and passive-aggressive. Why give a guest a nice review but ding them with the Stars? 

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@Coby11  Agreed. And cowardly. Misleads hosts who don't use IB and can't see star ratings, too.


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Can anyone confirm that Only if you use "instant book" can a Host see the Guest Star rating?

I cant see it. If true I would like SuperHost who do not use "instant book" to be able to see the Guest Star rating. 

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No one can see it.  I wish it was the same for guests as it it for hosts. It seems hosts are way more punished than guests are if the get a so-so review??

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