Collecting for unpaid guests after a reservation has ended

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Collecting for unpaid guests after a reservation has ended

I currently have two guests at my place. I know they have had uninvited guests as I can see it on my ring video. I don’t want to do anything while they are still at my place but I would like to try and collect fees for those people who were not allowed in my place. It’s a clear violation of my house rules. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is Airbnb in anyway helpful? 

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@Susan896 You will probably end up with a bad review and not be able to prove the people actually stayed. Worst case they will report you for having a camera (even if it is disclosed) and you will be suspended while Airbnb investigate.

IF you want to pursue a claim then leave an honest review and hope the guest reviews you within 14 days. Once both reviews are live then claim for additional people.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. That sounds like really good advice. I know that Airbnb usually sides with the guests. I really appreciate it.

by the way, my camera was on the exterior. Is there anything wrong with that?

@Susan896 as long as it is disclosed in the listing then there is nothing wrong with an external security camera. Sadly a certain type of guest knows that if they claim a security camera is in contravention of the rules the Airbnb approach seems to be that the host's listing is suspended while they investigate.

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@Susan896  Bringing too many guests by want-to-be, slick artists is probably the most common hassle hosts face. Collecting from the culprits is probably the 2nd worst ordeal. Getting Airbnb involved is probably the riskiest approach to take.


Solution (applicable only in the future): Prevent it from happening in the first place, if you can help it. You have proof is happening, address the situation on the spot, in the most friendliest of ways; there may be an amicable compromise depending on who you are dealing with.