Failure to remove retaliatory review

Failure to remove retaliatory review

Our listing was suspended after a guest damaged the property causing stains to the carpet and checked out 2 hours later than agreed upon. After a 1 hour phone call and 3-4 hours of deliberation Airbnb refused to remove her 1-star review, claiming they "did not identify any violations of their policy."


The resort to hiding behind templated and automated messages and basically brick wall hosts without giving any possibility of damage claims.


Tale as old as time at this point? what is it going to take? 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

What's interesting is that your first review said the guest was rude and you wouldn't host again, yet you accept another booking a few weeks later @Jean-Francois-GemStay0 


I am not sure her review of you meets Airbnb's terms for review removal. 

why did your listing get suspend ? 

Both reviews were written after her 2nd stay with us.

She was the one who was rude to building staff after she lost her keys and they told her she has to contact us to get let back in and that it’s against building policy to grant her access.


If the guest can refuse to vacate and then leave a 1 star review I don’t see how that can be acceptable. If the current terms allow it then perhaps they should change. 

we did not “blow up her phone”. It took us two hours to get her out of there while she played music and slowly packed. And none of this is against any rules anywhere it seems. 

Please explain to the rest of us as to why did your listing get suspended?

I believe her 1-star review put us on the suspension for having listing issues.